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  1. Acapella App For Android Free Download Latest Version
  2. Acapella App Free
  3. Acapella App For Android free. download full
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Acapella from PicPlayPost is a powerful Acapella maker equipped with the following features: Record and sync your Acapella videos in real time. Record up to 9 frames Acapella. Video playback after first video is recorded. Save your Acapella to your Mixcord account for editing later. Collaborate with your friends.

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The digital revolution has amplified how singers showcase their talent, and Acapella Maker by Hecorat is a platform where users create custom acapella videos. Designed to encourage talent and simplify sharing your creativity, Acapella Maker offers a user-friendly platform to record, edit and share their voice.

Unlike the video recording app found in most Android devices, Acapella Maker layers a series of videos together. In many ways, it’s like forming your own acapella singing group, but without the hassle of finding matching outfits. Compatible for Android devices, this lightweight video collage is built upon a stable framework and enjoys frequent developer updates.

The Many Voices of One - Acapella Maker Features

Acapella Maker leverages the swift processing power of the latest Android devices to record and play a series of videos simultaneously. Each video is recorded by the user and individually added to the primary editing screen. Whether using a smartphone or tablet, Acapella Maker is easy to navigate and create video collages.

While this isn’t the most sophisticated video collage app, it’s suitable for casual users who don’t require extensive tools or complex editing functions. The simplified menu and basic setting options are prominently located in the startup and editing screen. Creating a video collage begins by choosing from a conservative template library.


Layout templates range from a single video panel to a maximum of four panels. Predesigned layouts include vertical and horizontal panels to a mixture of large and small screens. This offers a unique way to demonstrate videos based on content. The free version grants access to over a dozen layouts. Additional templates are available as in-app purchase.

After choosing a layout, you must select a video length. Duration options range from as quick as six seconds to as long as five minutes. Once you’ve confirmed video length, it’s time to choose videos to upload.

Tap on the plus symbol within each video panel to search and select stored video clips. Remember, Acapella Maker requires access to your phone or tablet storage drive. Upon choosing a video, it’s automatically uploaded to the designated video panel. Upload speed varies based on device processing power and video duration.

Acapella App For Android Free Download Latest Version

Lastly, choose the start time for each video. For example, one video can start 30 seconds into the clip while another begins at the 45 second mark. From there, tap the pencil icon at the bottom of the screen to access basic editing tools, such as color options and border frames.

Acapella App Free


Acapella App For Android free. download full


Acapella App For Pc

  • Free app for smartphones and tablets
  • Easy navigation and editing tools
  • Multiple layout designs
  • Custom duration and start time option


Acapella App For Android Free Download 1 16

  • Video sync doesn’t always work
  • Limited video editing capability
  • Slow upload speed on older devices