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I loved this course so much that I ended up taking their Posing Course and their Business Course. I loved them all, and I love that I can offer you $50 off each course! $50 Off Amy & Jordan’s Shooting & Editing Course. $50 Off Amy & Jordan’s Posing Course. $50 Off Amy & Jordan’s Business Course. The other thing I’ve loved is Mentorship. Dec 02, 2019 The Shooting and Editing Course with Amy and Jordan Photography File Size 4.8 GB Free download. You didn’t pick up the camera to be trapped behind your computer screen. That’s why we invested so much time and energy refining a proven shooting system. The system we use to produce the high-quality, consistent photographs we’ve become. First check out information about their shooting & editing course here: Amy & Jordan’s Shooting & Editing Course, then when you are ready to buy use this link for $50 off Amy & Jordan’s Shooting & Editing Course; Note: Amy & Jordan’s Business Course is currently closed but you can sign-up for the Business course waitlist here.

Are you Trying to Decide if AJ’s Shooting and Editing Course is Right for You?

Amy & Jordan’s Shooting and Editing course was one of our first major purchases when we began our journey to becoming full-time wedding photographers. Honestly, we made the investment into education right after purchasing cameras and a lens each. And looking back now, we can say without a doubt that their shooting and editing course revolutionized our business. There is no way we would be where we are today without their guidance. We can remember leaving Amy & Jordan’s Shooting and Editing course in our cart for days before actually clicking to confirm our purchase. At the time it was a large investment for us and it was terrifying to click that button, but we believed in ourselves. And as we write this post today, our only regret is that we wish we would have clicked that button sooner.

We believe in order to run a successful wedding photography business we have to be constantly learning and investing in our education. There is always something else we can learn to do better or more efficiently. And the more we learn the better photographers we are and the better we’re able to serve our clients.

The Shooting Section


Amy & Jordan Photography begins by teaching the basics as if you’d never picked up a camera before, and then transition into more advanced things. This section of their course can be boiled down to their shooting philosophy. Amy & Jordan’s philosophy when taking photos is to get as much right in-camera as they can. So, when they get home to edit they don’t have to do a lot of crazy edits. Just a couple of simple changes and the photos are good to go and ready to be sent to their clients.

We are SO thankful we learned to operate in the same way. We’re constantly nailing our shots in-camera so it counts down on editing time which cuts down on delivery time. We always want to give our clients the best experience possible, and what’s better than receiving photos weeks early?

The Editing Section

Just like most photographers, the editing style we started with is not the one we have today. As we grew in our editing style we noticed things we liked and some things we didn’t in our photos. So, as we continued to learn we removed the things we didn’t like and expanded on the things we did. Today, we have an editing style that we love and although it is different from where we started, we learned so much from Amy & Jordan’s lessons.

Amy’s a powerhouse when it comes to editing! In the lessons, she dives into quite a few more powerful functions of Adobe Lightroom. And she actually walks you through editing a gallery from start to finished. Exactly the way she edits. So, you can essentially walk away from your computer knowing how to edit like a true expert in the photography industry.

The Shooting and Editing Course

Amy And Jordan Shooting And Editing Course free. download full

Before full-time photographers, Amy & Jordan were teachers in an elementary school. So, they have a knack for explaining things in a simple and easy to understand way. Which was incredibly helpful for us when we were starting out. We binged their lessons like the new latest and greatest shows on Netflix.

They also have a group on Facebook reserved for those that are enrolled in their courses. This community of photographers is full of like-minded individuals going through the exact same thing as you. Amy & Jordan’s education groups bring people together with different experiences and strategies for running their business with the sole purpose of helping each other do well and do better. Well, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Amy And Jordan Shooting And Editing Course Free Download

If you’d like to learn how to photograph your clients and edit your photos more consistently in less time, check out Amy & Jordan’s Shooting and Editing Course here.