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Android Ppt Free DownloadPPT slides Reader and PPtx slides viewerAndroid Ppt Free Download
  1. Download our Free Android Mobile Presentation Template Pack! Nowadays, smart phones are an inevitable part of our everyday living. Because of that, a lot of companie.
  2. Download Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.6 for Android. Fast downloads of the latest free software!
  3. Microsoft PowerPoint is the official Android app for one of the most-used programs in the world at a business level: PowerPoint. In the PC version, the program from Microsoft has always been the king of presentations; now, with this app, it's attempting to do the same in Android.
  4. Download SlideShare apk 1.7.1 for Android. Professional Knowledge well presented via presentations, infographics and videos.
PPT file opener and PPtx slides reader is presentation reader using this office Presentation reader application everyone can prepare his or herself for office meeting by view PPT slides of presentation on their android phone. Lecture PPT slides reader app is very handy solution to students to prepare their slides for papers on their android phone. Students can open their ppt lecture by using this ppt reader and ppt file opener application. With quick ppt slides show you can view power point slides and PPTX presentation on your android smart phone. It’s a file reader separately design for ppt slides. It is a simple ppt reader which can read only power point presentations and PPTx slides from your android phone. Lot of people find difficulty in reading slides in their android phones because they did not find any specific ppt slides viewer for their phone. This ppt reader is best app for those type of people because its ppt explore app which shows only presentation slides and pptx files from your phone from where everyone can explore ppt files easily .it’s a remote resource to review your power point slides and presentations by sitting anywhere before delivering your presentation in meeting. We also find some paid ppt viewer apps on googly play store but out ppt slides viewer is totally free to use without any cost. Our ppt document reader also works offline in your android phone.Ppt

This Free Android PowerPoint Template is latest and modern design for PPT presentations. The image of an android phone is giving an awesome look to the design. The design is suitable for the Preview & Download FREE Free Android PowerPoint Templates are the latest collection of information technology and android devices.

Main features :
PPT document reader for all presentations and slides.
PPtx file reader for students to prepare their lectures.
Presentation reader app for office employees and students.
PresentationPresentation check in your android phone for reviewing.
Ppt file opener and pptx file viewer in your phone.
Ppt explorer to find presentations and slides files from your android phone
PPt file manager to manage all your pptx and presentations files at one place.
Share your slides with other by using our ppt presentation slides reader.
Powerpoint android free downloadOffline ppt reader application for your android phone.

Android Architecture Ppt Free Download

File opener and slides viewer for power point.
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Microsoft PowerPoint for Android is an application that allows viewing, creating, and editing existing documents.
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When people hear Microsoft PowerPoint, they know what to expect, and that is an application that can be used to create or present PowerPoint presentations. The interesting aspect of this application is that it’s been made to work on mobile devices, which means that it has an interface specifically designed for this kind of platforms. Users will find that the Android application shares many of its features with the version that you can find on the desktop PC. It also includes the all familiar ribbon and menu options, which will help people find their way much easily. All the charts, animations, transitions and speaker notes are right there and with the help of the auto-zoom feature you can insert, move, edit charts and textboxes without the help of a keyboard or a mouse. Also, it’ possible to share the workload with other users because it’s Microsoft PowerPoint for Android is also connected to the cloud. The only caveat is that it’s an intensive application and it requires at least Android 4.4.x and 1GB of RAM.


  • Insert charts, animations, transitions and speaker notes with ease
  • View, create and edit PowerPoint presentations
  • Collaborate with people on the same project
  • The application is designed specifically for mobile devices with touch support

What's new in Microsoft PowerPoint APK 16.0.13231.20130:

  • We regularly release updates to the app, which include great new features, as well as improvements for speed and reliability.

For more information on downloading Microsoft PowerPoint to your phone, check out our guide: how to install APK files.

Android Versions Ppt Free Download

Other Microsoft PowerPoint APK versions (64):

  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.14729.20146 Beta2021-12-20
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.14701.201662021-12-20
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.14701.201362021-11-18
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.14430.202462021-10-06
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.14430.20168 Beta2021-09-21
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.14326.201402021-09-08
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.14326.20000 Beta2021-08-17
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.14228.20138 Beta2021-07-21
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.14228.20004 Beta2021-07-01
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.14026.201722021-05-17
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.14026.20006 Beta2021-05-05
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.13929.20196 Beta2021-04-20
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.13901.201982021-03-31
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.13628.204482021-03-08
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.13801.201622021-02-26
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.13628.202142021-01-26
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.13530.201302020-12-21
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.13426.202582020-11-23
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.13328.201602020-11-03
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.13127.201622020-08-18
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.13029.201822020-07-21
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.13001.201662020-06-17
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.12827.201402020-05-19
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.12730.202142020-04-29
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.12730.201822020-04-23
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.12624.202242020-03-23
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.12527.200902020-02-20
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.12430.201202020-01-25
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.12325.201742019-12-17
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.12228.202602019-11-26
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.12130.202082019-11-06
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.12026.201742019-09-18
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.11929.201982019-08-21
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.11901.201102019-07-26
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.11727.201042019-06-17
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.11629.201242019-05-23
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.11601.200742019-05-06
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.11425.20132 Beta2019-03-18
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.11425.20016 Beta2019-03-18
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.11328.200802019-02-20
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.11231.200882019-01-22
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.11231.20010 Beta2019-01-19
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.11126.200632018-12-17
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.11029.200562018-12-17
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.11001.200742018-11-07
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.10827.200782018-09-27
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.10730.200432018-08-23
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.10325.200432018-07-12
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.10228.200492018-06-15
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.9330.20802018-05-24
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.9330.20602018-05-18
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.9226.20772018-04-16
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.9126.20692018-03-16
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.9029.20682018-03-02
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.9001.20772018-01-18
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.8827.20542017-12-29
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.8326.20112017-07-05
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.7830.1012 - 2 variants: 2017-03-06
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.7814.1000 Beta2017-01-20
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.7804.1000 Beta2017-01-10
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.7624.1000 Beta2016-11-28
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.7531.1011 - 2 variants: 2016-11-26
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.7618.1000 Beta2016-11-22
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.7529.1000 Beta2016-11-02
New in Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.13231.20130:
  • We regularly release updates to the app, which include great new features, as well as improvements for speed and reliability.

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Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.13231.20130 (OLD) get current version instead (16.0.14729.20146 Beta)
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API Minimum:
23 - Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)
API Target:
29 - Android 10