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Keeping personal computers intact from viruses and working incessantly on your system is one of the major concerns of today. Both for a home user or the corporate user, an antivirus software is considered as the most effective and vital solution for every kind of online threat. With the best antivirus protection, a user can effectively perform many online tasks without finding any risks of identity theft, hackers’ attacks, spam and other related issues.

  1. Immunet scored 7.0 points, Outpost 7.1 and Emsisoft 7.2. Those scores don't look so good compared with those of Panda Cloud Antivirus, which detected 94 percent of the threats and scored 9.1 of 10.
  2. Inmunet Protect is a really light antivirus that offers full protection based in the cloud and that will give you extra protection against virus, spyware, bots, worms, Trojans and keyloggers. All this without slowing down your PC and compatible with your common antivirus. The main advantage of Immunet Protect is that it shares.
  3. Download free Antivirus security software from to safe, secure and virus free computer. Best antivirus collection to protect your system against virus attack.
Antivirus Immunet Protect Free Download

Everybody understands the needs of antivirus software–a single nasty virus is enough to destroy your vital financial or confidential information and reveal your personal data out of your system. Viruses or any malicious programs are sometimes so hazardous that they completely ruin the configuration of the system and you are left with nothing.

Free Download For PC Windows.Immunet shield Free Antivirus is a free companion antivirus solution that mixes the speed of cloud computing with the advantages of Collective Immunity to guard. Download Immunet Protect for Windows for free, without any viruses, from Uptodown. Try the latest version of Immunet Protect for Windows.

Thus many software companies are in a continuous effort of developing effective solutions in the form of antivirus protection so that you can find the quickest and pertinent ways to fix those issues. Immunet free antivirus is among that antivirus software that provides the most advanced protection feature for your system. It is one and only fast companion antivirus solution featured with basic online protection. It is one of the most advanced protection aspect of your system which is free of charge especially for the home users. The Immunet free antivirus software is featured with distinctive cloud based antivirus to shield the computers from bots, infections, Trojan viruses, key loggers and spywares. A free home windows antivirus program that protects under the home windows OS including windows 7, Vista and XP can be the perfect choice for overall antivirus protection.


Here are some of the best features of Immunet free antivirus download that can be leveraged by almost every kind of user for a safe and protected online activity:

  1. Fast antivirus protection– with the fast antivirus protection you can attain the speed of cloud computing to deliver real time protection for computers. You can easily stay protected against millions and thousands of new threats daily without even downloading another kind of virus detection. Once you are connected to Immunet cloud you can comfortably keep all virus detection up to date. Immunet free antivirus software is ideal for those users who want fast protection without slowing down the computers.
  2. Immunet keeps the system light and fast– with up to 35 times lighter than the traditional antivirus solutions, Immune provides long lasting and fast results. It does not take much space unlike the traditional antivirus solutions that take almost 100 MB to 350 MB of disk space but is lighter than all and only takes 10mb of disk space.
  3. Community based protection– Immunet free antivirus software provides overall protection to your community and friends for free. It is the first antivirus application created to protect your community and social network with which you can easily add people to the community and can easily view their protection status online.
  4. Compatible with existing antivirus– by adding an extra lightweight layer of protection you can find completely satisfactory results without getting annoyed with the existing antivirus solutions.
  5. Immunet provides intelligent scans– by providing fast configurable smart scans, your computer will be easily get detected from viruses, bots, worms, Trojans, key loggers and spywares with Immunet cloud.

Antivirus Immunet Protect Free Download Windows 10


Immunet Protect Free Antivirus – it represents a new perspective on malware detection and cleaning, as it relies mostly on cloud and their community of users.

This has the advantage of bringing you the latest signatures and file ratings in realtime and much faster than a traditional antivirus engine, which updates only 3 or 4 times a day.
The more users Immunet has, the better as the chances for the file you are running to be already rated are high.
It has three engine, two from cloud: ETHOS and SPERO and a classic one from ClamAV. You are offered realtime protection for free and you can choose from three on-demand scanning options: Flash Scan (quick scan of all running processes), Custom Scan, Full Scan. The Plus version has Rootkit Scanner also.
It does not load your computer with big definition files and it uses very few system resources due to that. If you are a gamer, switching ‘Game Mode’ to ON will not interrupt you anymore while playing.
What is more important: Immunet Protect can be installed alongside with any other security product you already have and adds a new layer of protection and represents a second oppinion scanner when your antivirus doesn’t react to specific malware.
What's New in Immunet Protect Free Antivirus 7.4:
• New:
- The Connector files will only be signed with a SHA-2 certificate and no longer be signed with a SHA-1 certificate starting with this release.
- Behavioral Protection now monitors processes making outgoing HTTP calls for malicious activity.
- New ImmunetUnifiedConnector service that allows critical Immunet updates to be pushed to users.
• Bugfixes/Enhancements:
- Made performance and stability improvements to the Exploit Prevention engine.
- Improved the stability of the Device Flow Correlation engine and driver.
- Addressed a potential hang on Connector shutdown.
- Addressed an issue where in rare cases the Behavioral Protection engine could cause a blue screen.
- The Behavioral Protection engine now properly monitors file deletes on FAT32 file systems.
- Improved quarantine process for files that are signed with both a SHA-1 and SHA-2 certificate.
- Addressed an issue where the Orbital service could start while disabled in policy.

Antivirus Free Download For Windows 7

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