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This book, Marketing Management, addresses these issues fully. Each chapter opens with a Preview Case which will provide you some fundamental ideas about the practical side of the concepts discussed therein. In addition to this, many examples picked out from the current Indian marketing scenario are included in the text. The book is profusely. A free digital marketing ebook that delivers a step-by-step strategy to support you while creating highly engaging content that ranks well in search engines results and scores links. A series of secrets, tips, and strategies to conceive content loved by search engines. A Content Marketing Strategy That Works.

In an informational era, knowledge means power. Here is a comprehensive list of free marketing ebooks to help you advance fast forward and power up your marketing game. You have below a selection of the best digital marketing ebooks free for download in pdf format, conceived by influential leaders in marketing and prominent marketing companies.

List of Free Marketing Ebooks 2022

1. Social Media Marketing Industry Report

Be always up to date with the latest tendencies in social media and see how marketers use Social Media to expand the business they work for. The report includes insights from 5700 marketers that indicate where they concentrate their efforts on social media, their plans with paid and organic social media.

2. How to Create Content That Converts

A strait to the point presentation of the “5 Cs” of effective content marketing. Just creating content is not enough, we need content that converts, that is a marketing advocate, and does its job well. In order for your content marketing to generate the desired results, you need to come up with cornerstone content that connects with the right audience and converts into paying customers.

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3. Make Easy Affiliate Income from Your Blog

Rosemarie Groner promises free access to the top converting affiliate programs in every niche. You will learn how to gain stable income through affiliate income, how top bloggers in various niches use affiliate marketing, and which affiliate programs they use. In this free digital marketing ebook, you will be provided with an accurate formula to find out which affiliates will be the best option for you.

Basic Marketing Strategy

4. The Ultimate SEO Audit Checklist

If you want to learn how to maximize your brand’s visibility in the search engines such as Google then this is the eBook for you. Most marketing professionals conduct an in-depth SEO audit immediately after acquiring a new client or joining a new company.

However, this free internet marketing eBook shows that what you first need to have is a sense of business direction and this is where SEO audit is useful.

You want to be where customers are looking for your products or services or for your content. And this takes you back to knowing how to maximize your visibility in the search engines. It guides on how an SEO audit can get you to that place and how it can reveal any bottlenecks that prevent the business from ranking as it should.

You can get this digital marketing eBook free download from SEJ.

5. Why Social Media Intelligence Is a Musthave for Digital Agencies

Do you want to make the most of social media? Today most digital marketers understand that having an all-inclusive tool for social media tracking that offers real-time metrics and analyses is crucial for any business. The value offered is founded on digital data and this free internet marketing eBook will teach you how you can target your customers’ desires, what they like or dislike about your brand or offerings.

These free marketing eBooks also guide you on how to stay up to date with the latest industry trends, conversations, and news, how to carry out complete competitor analysis, and so on. It will cover all social media marketing tips that you need to thrive.

6. Content Marketing for Beginners

As a beginner, these free internet marketing eBooks open you to a world of different aspects of running an e-commerce business. It will help you explore all the possibilities as well as the process of creating your own product, service, or another offering, step by step to completion.

7. The State of e-Commerce and Digital Marketing in Retail

Take your brand to the next level by equipping yourself with crucial marketing expertise using these free internet marketing eBooks that have compiled insights from some of the best minds in the eCommerce and retail industry.

They have put together comprehensive multi-channel retail insights to prepare you even for the most uncertain times and beyond.

8. Uncovering the Now & the Next in Digital Marketing & CX

For marketers looking to put their customers first, irrespective of the times they’re experiencing, then this free marketing eBooks are just what they need. They contain surveys from over 50 digital marketing top leaders and customer experiences from all over to give you an idea of the challenges that an online brand is likely to experience.

It also gives you insights into how to move on past a hard time such as the pandemic that began in 2020, and how to ensure a great customer experience at all times.

9. Monetize! Turn Your Followers, Likes, and Views into Cash

Is it possible to really convert your social media channels and website into a real money-making business? Well, if you’re constantly seeing tens and tens of views, likes, and shares then you have something of a mine to earn from. These free marketing eBooks show you how you can build a valuable business by monetizing all those likes, views, and shares, bit by bit.

Such free internet marketing eBooks are great if you have a mighty following and are looking to monetize but have no idea on how or where to start. It will show you how you can monetize your blog, your social media accounts particularly Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

10. Sales Funnels: The Definitive Guide

Do you want to know how to build sales and marketing funnels that are constantly generating customers month after month? These digital marketing eBooks free to download will take you step by step throughout the process of building funnels from the ground up.

You will learn how to map out your customers’ buying journey and guide you on how to translate that into an effective sales and marketing funnel, how to optimize conversion rates, and how to track your analytics.

These free internet marketing eBooks will also show you the difference between a thriving business model and a failing one and the difference that a high converting marketing funnel makes to avoid failing.

Whether your business has been there for some time or whether you’re just beginning, these free marketing eBooks will show you how to set up an effective marketing funnel that will set you up for long-term success by attracting and retaining customers.

11. Influencer Marketing – The Practical Handbook for Social Media Marketers

Are you a social media marketer? Then this free internet marketing eBook is for you. You will get over 60 pages that will teach you how to identify the right opinion leaders for your brand and how you can integrate the right influencers into your marketing campaigns.

This free marketing eBook will also show you how you can develop a campaign from start to finish while working with influencers and how to successfully implement these campaigns.

In this digital marketing eBook free download you get to learn how to pick the ideal influencer, how to work with them, how to measure and evaluate the right campaign, how to measure the success of influencer campaigns, how to come up with the right budget for the campaigns, the type of agreements to be done with the influencers, the workflows that are proven to be effective and truly so much more. Simply download the eBook if this is your area of interest.

12. Mastering Content Writing for Businesses: How to Write Different Content Types and Know When to Outsource

This marketing eBook will show you how you can stay connected with your audience on various online media. It shows you the most adequate content for that as well as the various formats. It guides you whether you are going to create the content by yourself or whether you will outsource it; you will be guided on how to outsource wisely.

13. Reputation 101: How to Build and Manage a Positive Online Reputation for Your Business

Your business reputation is your everything. Consumers often go to check out what others are saying about your brand, the quality of your products, customer service, and everything in between, way before they decide to make a purchase. And this is so much easier today, especially for digital brands.

This free marketing eBook shows you how the online reputation plays a huge role in how well your brand attracts customers and how to ensure you maintain a good online reputation.

Some of the valuable things you will learn include the impact of online reviews on customers’ purchasing decisions, what makes up a digital reputation and how to build and keep a solid reputation as well as how you can handle negative reviews.

14. Get Listed, Get Found: How to Use Online Listings to Get More Customers

How can you make the best of online directories such as Google, Yelp, or Bing to get more customers? These free marketing eBooks show you how to effectively use these to not only be listed but to also be found by potential customers.

These free marketing strategies show you how to properly set up and maintain a useful listing of your brand to be able to stand out from your competitors. You will learn how to be as accurate as possible, how to ensure it is complete, what it should include, how to optimize your listings to show up on the first page and where to list it and what to include, and finally how to use it to amplify your digital presence.

15. How to Get More 5 Star Reviews

Ebook Free Download

Here is another free internet marketing eBook to help you stand out in the digital space because as you may know, today consumers head to the reviews section first before they decide to buy a product. And this information is always out there for anyone who is interested, and it ends up shaping their first opinion regarding your brand.

Free marketing eBooks like this one cover the impact of online reviews on your brand. It guides on the ideal sites to use if you want to get reviews, tips, and strategies of getting reviews for your products and the secrets of getting the shiny five-star reviews, and more.

If this is what you’re looking after as a marketer, then equip yourself with these powerful online review tips and be on your right way to getting more customers.

16. How to Write Magnetic Headlines

That headline makes or breaks your piece of content is no secret anymore. It is also demonstrated that on average the headline will be read by 8 out of 10 people, while the content just by 2 out of 10, so the better your headline the better are your chances to get your content read. “How to Write Magnetic Headlines” will reveal concrete guidance to help you improve your headlines.

17. 101 SEO Tips and Tricks to Increase Your Traffic (Fast)!

An ebook that aims to teach you SEO strategies for your blog, on-page SEO, how to target the right keywords for traffic, and promotion strategies for improved effectiveness.

18. Free Marketing Ebooks: The Beginner’s Guide to Branding

A freebie from Creative Market, to support your efforts of putting your branding in place.

19. 20 Brilliant Opt-In Offers Subscribers Will Love

A tutorial that instructs you on how to craft quickly and easily opt-ins that your audience will love paired with over 30 examples for further guidance.


20. How to Create Compelling Content that Ranks Well in Search Engines by

A free digital marketing ebook that delivers a step-by-step strategy to support you while creating highly engaging content that ranks well in search engines results and scores links. A series of secrets, tips, and strategies to conceive content loved by search engines.

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21. A Content Marketing Strategy That Works

What makes content marketing work and how to create a content strategy that works? This template on content marketing strategies aims to show you the path to building genuine authority via a strong content creation process.

22. SEO for Beginners!

Yoast’s freebie proposes an ebook that teaches you the basics of SEO: keywords strategy, site structure, technical SEO tips, user experience best practices, SEO content writing among others.

23. A “Cheat Sheet” for Writing Blog Posts That Go Viral

Jon Morrow from Smartblogger offers to help you for free to write popular posts and use directly what is proved to work and not to take a try and error path. His Headline Hacks are a great starting point.

24. Google Search Advertising Guide

This guide covers everything from how search advertising works, how to organize campaigns, ad formats, how to monitor and optimize ads performance.

You will become familiar with basic and advanced concepts including search fundamentals, bidding and targeting strategies, ads performance and monitoring reporting, and more.

25. Google Display Advertising Guide

A guide created by Google to detail their Display Advertising service and explain the concepts, be it basic or advanced behind it. Also, you may find best practices, instructions on how to create, manage, optimize and measure your ad campaigns developed through the Display Network.

26. List Building 101: How to Rapidly Build an Email List

The fact that the email list is among the greatest assets of an online business is no news. This is the number one marketing activity that you must invest energy and money in if you want to grow your business. To successfully build your email list you need a combination of skills: content marketing, design, copywriting, sales, and paid acquisition. And this is exactly what Teachable aims to teach you through this free internet marketing ebook.

27. Teachable’s Course Creation Book

A comprehensive guide that covers the basics on how to create content for videos, slides, interviews & more to build your own online course fast.

28. 101 Tips and Tactics to Grow Your Website Traffic

Basic Marketing Book Free Download Pdf

This is your chance to find out how to attract a ton of visitors to your site for free without paying Google or Facebook. Jeff Bullas is ready to share his hacks, ideas, and strategies he has used to attract over 16 million visitors to his blog over the last 4 years without spending a cent with Google or Facebook. Take a look at his insights concerning social media, search, email, partnerships and collaborations, content marketing, mobile, social proof.

29. How to Get Your First 10,000 Instagram Followers

This in-depth guide from Foundr Magazine reveals how they went from 0-200k followers in under 8 months on Instagram and proves that Instagram can be a great tool to generate business if used properly. Foundr is generating an astounding 1200+ email opt-ins per week, now if this is something you want to replicate, read this ebook.

30. Free Marketing Ebooks: Instagram for Business Strategy Guide

Later offers a 65-page guide that will walk you through the steps you need to take to build an Instagram strategy, post great content on a consistent basis, and grow your audience with increased engagement. And consequently, strengthen your business with a new reliable channel.

31. Your Brand’s Blueprint for Finding and Leveraging Influencers

Shane Barker gives you the tools to take your influencer marketing to the next level via a clear methodology to identify the appropriate influencers for your business, based on a set of criteria built on reach and engagement. You will also learn which are the tools to optimize influencer marketing campaigns, tips to correctly reach out to influencers, create a compelling pitch, and ways to create and maintain lasting relationships with relevant influencers.

32. Successfully Generate Leads to Grow Your Business with Facebook Ads

Adespresso’s free marketing ebook is created to teach you how to use Facebook ads to generate leads. You’ll learn about the different types of lead magnets you can use, a series of tips on driving traffic via lead magnets, and how to nurture leads. Also, it puts at your disposal techniques to build great landing pages with the help of different landing page tools.

33. The Complete Guide to Social Media For B2B Marketers

This digital marketing ebook gathers a collection of tips on leveraging social media and guidelines on navigating the challenging world of social media today. It reveals all you need to know about the metrics that need to be tracked, the type of content best suited for different platforms, and how to drive conversions and engagements through social media.

34. Visual Principles for Designing More Persuasive Landing Pages by Oli Gardner

International speaker and writer, Oli Gardner, crafted this ebook to depict the “Attention-Driven” design principle to design persuasive landing pages. Here are some principles to respect: use clutter-free designs, avoid distractions from the main message. Oli Gardner discusses concepts like attention ratios, and how to use designs to prevent the loss of mental energy. Designs that cater to psychology most often win. To find out how Interaction design can help you skyrocket conversions, read the book.

35. Free Marketing Ebooks: Conversations Not Campaigns by Marketo

Give your recipients reasons to engage with the messages of your emails, says Marketo. You need to personalize, address directly the individual and talk to him or her like in a face-to-face discussion. For success, you need to have conversations while marketing, with emails not blasting email campaigns. Marketers are called to cultivate a relationship-oriented mindset and build personalized relationships over time. You will find inside the ebook, information about behavioral filters and triggering messages based on behavior.

36. The Optimization Survival Guide by Optimizely

Optimizing conversions is no easy task and involves a lot of experimentation. A/B testing and optimization offer marketers hints on what works for their audience and what doesn’t. Inside this guide you will find tips and tricks gathered from 30 optimization experts, that can help you improve your own processes, avoid roadblocks in testing, how to implant your optimization strategy, and create experiment hypotheses.

37. Data Driven Content Marketing by Hana Abaza

Hana Abaza explains clearly that you need to approach content marketing with a data-based strategy, not in an empiric “hit or miss” way. It is important to analyze your content, see what kind of results it brings, study your data and execute your content marketing strategy based on data insights.

38. Guide to Social Media Advertising

HubSpot’s essential guide provides all the information you need to know to get started with or improve your social media advertising. You’ll find out inside this marketing ebook how to create attention-grabbing ads on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn in no time.

39. Free Guide: How to Generate Leads Using Facebook

Learn how to use content & advertising on Facebook to generate sales leads. Andrea Vahl shares insights on the following topics: the type of content you should post on Facebook, how to capture leads from Facebook, how to start advertising on Facebook, how to measure your Facebook marketing success.

40. Free Marketing Ebooks: How to Run Successful LinkedIn Ads

Another valuable ebook from HubSpot that aims to teach methods to identify the target audience, to reach your ideal buyer personas. It addresses issues like how to decide on the best content to post, how to build a following organically, how to create a bidding and budgeting strategy to maximize return. Also, how to put in place a conversion tracking system, how to monitor, optimize and report on LinkedIn sponsored content campaigns. Plus, a two-week free planner to help you run LinkedIn sponsored campaigns.

41. The Guide to Facebook Live

How live video can grow your brand awareness and social following. A comprehensive guide that includes a broad discussion on why you should include Facebook Live in your marketing plan, how to develop your Facebook Live plan, how to film your video, how to promote your videos.


42. How to Advertise on Instagram

Another gem free internet marketing ebook from HubSpot, deploying comprehensive details on how to run ad campaigns on Instagram, how to define goals, manage engagement, and measure ads results. The ebook delivers relevant know-how on incorporating Instagram ads into your paid promotion strategy, establishing SMART campaign objectives, creating optimized Instagram ad campaigns, and monitoring their results. You will find out insights and results from exclusive ad experiments.

43. The Science of Successful Facebook Ads – “50 Facebook Ad Examples We Actually Clicked”

If you want to improve the results of your Facebook ads use these data-based tips from HubSpot. The Science of Successful Facebook Ads shows you an overview of a typical Facebook ad, which is the most popular type of ad, the most popular headline length, text & description length, the most popular words, numbers, links, and CTAs.

44. How to Use Twitter for Business

If Twitter is a relevant pillar of your social media strategy, here is a resource to help you improve results from marketing on Twitter via sharing and engagement. This strategy-free digital marketing ebook helps you start on a solid basis with the optimization of your profile, the type of content to share to boost engagement on Twitter, how to generate leads, deal with Lead Gen Cards and Analytics to measure performance.

45. The ROI of Content Marketing – Kuno

In order to know what’s working for your business in terms of marketing, you need to constantly measure the results of your efforts and consequently adapt your marketing strategy.

Kuno’s ebook, will help you think about the goals that you want to achieve with your content, and how to proceed when measuring them. Find out the best tips on how to measure content ROI, which are the best metrics, how to improve your content and how to gauge your content’s success.

46. 8 Steps to Blogging Mastery – Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas is one of the best bloggers in the business and you have the chance to learn from the best. Here’s what’s inside this ebook: how to create a memorable blog brand, a marketing plan that works, how to build a successful blogging foundation, how to create inspired content.

47. The Best Practice Guide for Effective Blogger Outreach – Inkybee

One of the most reliable ways of building traffic is guest posting. To be able to guest post you have to outreach bloggers and influencers in your niche and publish your content in front of their audiences. Inkybee created a detailed ebook comprising all the information you need to know in order to create a reliable outreach strategy and support you in creating solid relationships with fellow bloggers. After reading the ebook you will be fully equipped to set objectives for your outreach campaigns, to develop and maintain your relationships with other bloggers, to track and measure your content.

48. Pinterest Strategy Guide Insider Secrets Revealed

Tailwind brings for you a powerful resource to support your endeavors of creating a Winning Pinterest Marketing Strategy. Here are the main themes that are approached: creating a powerful Pinterest profile, creating the right boards and pinning the right content, promoting your own content for maximum exposure and traffic generation, content curation and collaboration, analysis.

49. Social Media Data Cookbook – For Marketers

This ebook’s purpose is to help you make your data work for you. It develops 11 recipes of how to make your marketing smarter. Thus, inside you will find 11 simple, effective ways to use social media data. The most persuasive way to prove the impact of your social media campaigns. A test you can run to see the exact ROI of social messages. Practical ways to discover what your clients really want. How social media data and conversation clusters can boost SEO traffic.

I hope this list of free digital marketing ebooks in 2022 that encompasses a wild variety of topics covering the major aspects of digital marketing today, will act as the go-to resource that will support you when approaching a new marketing tactic or strategy.