Citrix Receiver 4.7 Free Download

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Citrix Receiver 4.7 Free DownloadWorkspace

Citrix Receiver 4.7 Free Download

On the Citrix online store, you can buy Citrix Workspace, App Delivery & Security products, or learn about our products, subscriptions and request a quote. Download Citrix Workspace app Citrix Workspace app is the easy-to-install client software that provides seamless secure access to everything you need to get work done. » citrix receiver enterprise » citrix receiver download » citrix receiver; When users with NO receiver connect, they are directed to install Receiver and the URL sends them to the latest Receiver, which is 4.7. We recently learned that 4.7 doesn't work with 10.1 (some messy stuff about certificates) so we want to.

Citrix Receiver 4.7 Free Download Windows 10

What's new in this version

Citrix Workspace Download Windows 10

New in this release: 1. Enhancement to keyboard layout configuration - The keyboard layout configuration now includes a Don’t sync option. The option is available for both the Group Policy Object (GPO) policy and the GUI configurations. When you select the Don’t sync option, the server keyboard layout is used in the session and the client keyboard layout is not synced to the server keyboard layout. 2. Option to disable storing of authentication tokens - Authentication tokens are encrypted and stored on the local disk so that you don’t need to reenter your credentials when your system or session restarts. With this release, Citrix Workspace app introduces an option to disable the storing of authentication tokens on the local disk. For enhanced security, we now provide a Group Policy Object (GPO) policy to configure the authentication token storage. 3. Microsoft Teams enhancements 4. The VP9 video codec is now disabled by default. 5. Enhancement to echo cancellation, auto gain control, noise suppression configurations - If Microsoft Teams configures these options, Citrix-redirected Teams honors the values as configured. Otherwise, these options are set to True by default. 6. DirectWShow is now the default renderer