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Here at Askvenkat Download Free Gate Books for CSE. These books will useful to most of the students who were prepared for competitive exams. Especially these books will useful to Computer Science Engineering (CSE) Students who were eagerly waiting for best books for Computer Science Group. Now a Days Qualifying in Gate is Not an Easy Job. Gate CS Paper 2006-08 Gate CS Paper 2009 Gate CS Paper 2010. DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD. Gate CS Paper 2011 Gate CS Paper 2012 Gate CS Paper 2013. DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD. All computer science important books are available.This website provided free e book download.All gate books are available in this site. The book file sizes range from 4-10 MB each, so shouldn’t take long to download. The contents of each volume are listed below the table: Look for the blue “Get this free resource” button to download each of the free CS6 books. Install now: Get all new Creative Cloud 2022 direct download links and free trials. Best Books for CS Executive Exam: CS is one of the toughest exams to crack and one will have to use the right resources and put all the efforts in the right direction to ace the exam.Thus, before starting your CS Executive preparation, you need to have knowledge of the best books and study material for CS Executive. Best Books for CS Executive are necessary.


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Class 12 Computer Science with Python NCERT/CBSE: Good news for students aspiring to score high in the class 12 CBSE examination! Class 12 Computer Science book PDF download is now available online for your ease of study. This book is useful for your annual exams 2021, 2022. Simply visit the official website for the NCERT or CBSE board to get the latest pdf of the Computer Science e-book. Here we will also provide you with the Computer Science Book of Both NCERT and CBSE publications. You can download the book in Hindi and in English Medium. [Also Check complete Class 12th Notes pdf]

How to get NCERT or CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Book PDF Download From online?

If you want to score well in the CBSE examination, the best way to prepare is to refer to the books recommended by the CBSE board. NCERT books are always referred by the board for all your guidebooks. You can visit the NCERT website and go to the publications tab to down e-books, reference study materials, and even past years’ question papers.

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Computer Science with Python Class 12 Preeti Arora pdf

Now you can download your Class XII Computer Science book PDF for free from the CBSE board official website. Not sure how to get the Class 12 Computer Science book PDF Download? Here is a step-by-step guideline to get the PDF-

  1. Visit the website for the Central Board of Secondary Education from the link shared above.
  2. Go to the “Publications” tab on the home page.
  3. Click on the “E-books and Supportive Material” link from the drop-down menu.
  4. On the new web page, scroll down to locate the Class XII Computer Science section.
  5. Click on “Class XII” to open the PDF and download.

You can get this PDF and other study materials from this page for free.

Class XII Computer Science PDF

The best way to prepare for Class XII computer science is by downloading the PDFs from the NCERT or CBSE board website. Do you know why?

The reasons are very simple-

  • These e-books are available for free for all students.
  • You can download them easily from the website. There is no need to look elsewhere.
  • The books published online are the ones recommended by the CBSE board.
  • These textbooks are prepared such that students can answer all questions without difficulty.
  • They follow the syllabus recommended by the board.
  • Each chapter of the book is followed by an exercise section for regular practice.
  • NCERT books are prepared by board recommended experts such that you do not need to refer to other study materials.

The board believes in simply study procedures hence these books are the best solution.

Cs Books Free Download

The e-books are available in both Hindi and English. So, students from both media can now study easily. The books are written in simple language for a better understanding of the students.

Cs Books Free Download

Follow the e-books thoroughly and practice the sums and questions given in the exercise sections multiple times. You are sure to score more with regular practice.

What to expect?

Do you want to download the free PDF of the Class XII Computer Science book recommended by the board?

Here we have a detailed guide on what to expect from the book.

The editors of the book have furnished chapters as per CBSE board guidelines. There are examples of every problem. Every chapter is followed by mathematical problems and flow charts for your easy understanding.

The entire is towards reducing the students’ educational burden. You can now refer to one book, practice at home, and score high. There is no need to go from shop to shop for reference books. The examples given in the PDF make it easier to understand the problem. So, no need to take tuition as well.

NCERT Computer Book Class 12 Chapter Wise

Css books pdf free download

How we help here?

We are here to provide you with the best guidance on how to prepare easily for your boards. Get the links to the e-books that will help you score high on the boards. We also provide you with model question papers for more practice. You can download everything for free with us. If you do not know which PDF to refer to, we are here to guide you.

Chapters Included in NCERT Computer Science Book

Chapter 1 Exception Handling in Python
Chapter 2 File Handling in Python
Chapter 3 Stack
Chapter 4 Queue
Chapter 5 Sorting
Chapter 6 Searching
Chapter 7 Understanding Data
Chapter 8 Database Concepts
Chapter 9 Structured Query Language (SQL)
Chapter 10 Computer Networks
Chapter 11 Data Communication
Chapter 12 Security Aspects
Chapter 13 Project-Based Learning

Cs Books Free Download

Chapters Included in CBSE Computer Science with Python Book

The textbook is written by those who are well equipped with the IT industry and have practical exposure to building software and web applications. Thus, The book is intuitive and innovative in its approach and will push students to solve real-life problems using technology. Also, Every chapter in the book consists of brainstorming exercises and exciting coding challenges. It allows students to apply their learning in a practical environment and understand how the application is built.

It is the student’s responsibility on how they approach this textbook. It is recommended to practice coding on a machine as much as possible, rather than mugging up concepts. Also, It is advised to research the topics in-depth rather than getting a high-level understanding.

Here are the topics covered in the textbook:

  • Unit 1 – Review of Python & Concept of Oops
  • Unit 2 – Advanced Programming with Python
  • Unit 3 – Databases Management Systems and SQL
  • Unit 4 – Introduction to Boolean Algebra
  • Unit 5 – Communication Technologies ( Networking, Internet services etc. )
  • Society, Law and Ethics (Cyber safety: safely browsing the web, Appropriate usage of social networks etc. )

Further, each unit has been divided into different chapters. These are as follows:-

Unit 1 – Review of Python & Concept of Oops

Unit 1 contains the following chapters:-

  • Chapter_1 Review of Python
  • Chapter_2 Concept of Object-Oriented Programming
  • Chapter_3 Classes in Python
  • Chapter_4 Inheritance

Unit 2 – Advanced Programming with Python

Unit 2 contains the following chapters:-

  • Chapter_1 Liner List Manipulation
  • Chapter_2 Stacks & Queues in list
  • Chapter_3 Data File Handling
  • Chapter_4 Exception Handling & Generate Functions

Unit 3 – Databases Management Systems and SQL

Unit 3 contains the following chapters:-

  • Chapter_1 Databases Concepts and SQL
  • Chapter_2 Structure Query Language

Unit 4 – Introduction to Boolean Algebra

Unit 4 contains the following chapters:-

  • Chapter_1 Boolean Algebra
  • Chapter_2 Boolean Functions and Reduce Forms
  • Chapter_3 Application of Boolean Logic

Unit 5 – Communication Technologies ( Networking, Internet services etc. )


Unit 5 contains the following chapters:-

  • Chapter_1 Networking Concepts Part I
  • Chapter_2 Networking Concepts Part II
  • Chapter_3 Networking Protocols
  • Chapter_4 Mobile Telecommunication
  • Technologies, Network Security
  • and Internet Services

Why Need CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Textbook Pdf?

A comprehensive understanding of data structures, algorithms, and their implementation in languages like Python is a prerequisite for developing software used in real life. And being aware of databases and SQL concepts will help you efficiently manage extensive information in limited storage. If you seek to pursue a career in software engineering, this textbook lays out the foundation for you.

The book explains complex concepts in layman language so that they are easier to comprehend and apply. This textbook contains practical lab exercises after each topic to implement on a machine and gain a good coding experience. The Python language is explained with well-defined logical programs, with proper documentation and code quality. Python is a popular language today and used in Artificial Intelligence, Sentimental analysis, Self-driving cars, robotics, healthcare, and much more. It opens up a vast scope of career options in the future like Data science, Web development, Software engineer, etc.

Concepts Covered in the Book

The CBSE class 12 computer science textbook download pdf covers computer systems, operating systems, and mobile systems. Also, It introduces a high-level programming language like Python covering basic syntax, conditional statements, iterative loops, and different data structures like Dictionary, Lists, and Tuples. In the end, The textbook introduces concepts like SQL and Databases, storing extensive data in tables, the significance of Boolean algebra, and so on.

What to expect

The CBSE class 12 computer science textbook download pdf provides a soft copy of the textbook, providing easy access to content anytime, anywhere. The book is well organized into each section and thoroughly covers the concepts.

A strong foundation in the Computer science and programming world will encourage students to pursue Software engineering as their career. Therefore, It becomes crucial that the textbook they refer to is informative and practical, meeting today’s learning requirements.

This textbook is easy to comprehend and focuses on giving practical exposure instead of rote learning.


Have you gone through the PDF for CBSE Board Class XII Computer Science? Do you have any inquiries regarding the chapter? If you are facing difficulties in solving by referring to the PDF alone, we are here to help you.

Drop your queries with us and we will get back to you with a solution in no time. For more links and updates on the CBSE board recommended study materials, stay tuned to our website.

Cs Books Free Download Online

In this article, we have given the links to download the CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Textbook. Computer Science with Python book is totally free of cost. CBSE has designed the Class 12 Computer Science curriculum to give a fair idea of programming concepts and real-life applications. In today’s era, where computers and the Internet have applications in innumerable domains like E-commerce, e-governance, food industry, automobile, etc., a thorough and practical knowledge of algorithms and programming becomes quintessential.

Cs Patel Books Pdf Free Download

The textbook puts a considerable emphasis on problem-solving and data structures. It helps to apply the algorithms and solve practical scenario-based problems. The book introduces computer organization and structure concepts, followed by detailed notes of high-level programming languages like Python. Later, You will get introduced to concepts like SQL, Database management, and Boolean algebra.

The CBSE class 12 computer science textbook is a stepping stone for Class 12 students. The concepts and programming language introduced will pave the way for future AI and ML engineers and data scientists. These topics are meant for reading before the exams but require consistent practice and research work. It will help in getting a clear understanding of software development and system design. It opens up a vast scope of career options in the future like Data science, Web development, Software engineer, etc.