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If you wish to make a donation using Paypal, this directly helps support ACAPELLAS4u and any donation is entirely voluntary.


In you wish to make a donation, in return, you’ll be rewarded with an account upgrade which allows you to:

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  • View ‘key of mix’ details, extremely useful for certain 3rd-party key mixing dj applications.
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Like any solid business we have our bills to pay behind the scenes to ensure that we’re able to continue to keep this ship afloat and providing free acapella downloads for the entire planet!

Ella Mai's acapellas: ella-mai-bood-up(acapella).mp3. 2021 ACAPELLAS4u – Download the freshest. The revenue earned from advertising continues to enable us. MP3 Download Ella Mai 320kbps, make your own ringtone and download free.

Examples of our fees include website hosting, email programme, developers, social media va’s (virtual assistants), monitoring, support systems (like this one), email deliver-ability software, competitions, reviews. All these tools (and many more) are essential and form the basis of ACAPELLAS4u.

The small print:

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