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  1. Download free Final Cut Pro Effects. These free Final Cut Pro X Effects offer hundreds of color correction, glitch, glow and blur effects and filters. There is a Final Cut Pro X free effects tool for every video editor, no matter how simple or complex. Browse our free effects for Final Cut Pro X tools.
  2. From first cut to final finishing, get the tools every video editor needs to create. 7 Well, we want to make sure you can still reach the finish line without dipping into your funds. Download these awesome FREE FCPX plugins. 2 Photoshop actions are useful for quickly completing repetitive tasks, like performing the same steps to achieve a.

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29.5K subscribers. Free mVertigo FCPX Plugin - Dolly Zoom Effects for Final Cut Pro X - MotionVFX. Movie Pop is an amazing free plugin you can use with Final Cut Pro X. Using the plugin, you can create incredible title scenes for your videos, just like the ones you see in Hollywood movies. The plugin is also quite easy to use. The download page has links to tutorials as well. Template Pop – 24 Free Final Cut Pro X Titles. Overlay Templates for Final Cut Pro. 1 Free Final Cut Pro Templates for Overlay. All of our Final Cut Pro Templates are free to download and ready to use in your next video project, under the Mixkit License. Creative Text Line Story.

“How do I get plugins for Final Cut Pro X?”

Let's explain to you first that each plugin for an application expands its capability. Thus, we are here to discuss awesome FCPX plugins. You probably know already that Final Cut Pro X is on plugins if you wish to do some cool stuff over there. For instance, Final Cut Pro plugins can improve color grading or add some cool effects into the video as the editor itself doesn't contain many tools to do efficient work.

So, let's dive deep into the article and know the best free Final Cut Pro plugins as follows!

The FCPX Auto-Tracker Perspective is a four-point motion tracking tool created exclusively for Final Cut Pro X. Easily track text, pictures, logos, videos, and animations to subjects in footage with a single click. Auto-Tracker’s technology gives users the ability to achieve fast and accurate tracks without having to set a single keyframe.

In case your plugins not working, you may want to see How to Fix Plugins Not Working in Final Cut Pro X?

Part 1: Top 10 Free Plugins for Final Cut Pro X

  1. Hands-on: FCPX Stabilizer 2.0 adds amazing stabilization to your videos. Final Cut Pro X features a decent built-in stabilization system that can easily be enabled with just a click in the.
  2. Final Cut Pro 10.5.2. Released March 4, 2021. Adds support for a new Universal RED plugin enabling native RED RAW decoding and playback on both Apple silicon and Intel-based Mac computers. Improves stability when playing back H.264 video files with corrupt data.

As we all know, Final Cut Pro X or Final Cut Pro is an incredible motion graphics or video editing platform by Apple Inc., based upon the usage of extra plugins. And, the best Final Cut Pro plugins are available for free, as discussed below.

1Alex 4D

Let's keep the Alex 4D as one of the top free Final Cut Pro plugins that will offer you some cool tools, including Feature Overlays, cropping tools, and so on. It is an ideal plugin if you are more in overlay film production. The Switch Channel is one of their noticeable functions, and the transition effect simulates analog TV channels.

2Stupid Raisins

You should once check out Stupid Raisins to experience the top and free Final CutPro Plugins. However, the site also offers some premium plugins worth considering. The Stupid Raisins provides three sample packs, including the Template Pop, Sign Pop, and Panel Pop. The Template Pop offers animated titles, Sign Pop offers animated icons, and Panel Pop offers custom Final Cut Pro X transitions.

3Color Finale 2.0

Want to improve color grading? Check out this free Color Finale 2.0 Final Cut Pro X plugin. The plugin offers a whole new preset of color grading tools to make your video look genuinely cinematic. You can make the retro look, add emulations, or use integrated masks to apply color grading at different parts into your video. Click the Free Trial tab to enjoy this free plugin.

4Movie Pop

The Movie Pop is there to recreate title sequences of footage in a more efficient manner. Thus, you can easily choose some of your favorite movie clips and add them as title sequences with this plugin's help. However, this free plugin is only significant for adding title sequences and doesn't contain other tools. Well, you can easily create movie titles like Harry Potter, Assassin's Creed, and Star Wars with this free Final Cut Pro plugin.

5Adjustment Layers

The Adjustment Layers is among other best free FCPX plugins. It is the must-have plugin if you use the feature of adjustment layers as in Photoshop or After Effects. It attempts to experience this feature with the help of a title generator. With this plugin, you can change the position, scale, and tons of other effects in your footage.


mLut is also a great tool for color grading essentials. However, this awesome plugin is for free use by Motion VFX with features that are especially accessible for beginners. So, you can easily download LUT files with this plugin and use them further in your video projects. And, the results will come out as cinematic color grading without any hassle.

7Neat Video’s Noise Removal

Neat Video's Noise Removal plugin will remove those unwanted film grains and image noise from the footage. This free Final Cut Pro plugin effectively removes the color aberrations and noise from the footage.


The Automatic Camera Animation plugin, i.e., mCamRig, is another excellent FCPXplugin. This plugin eliminates the difficult keyframing concept that you have to follow to adjust different camera angles and movements. On the other hand, the use of a plugin helps add these movements to an intuitive workflow.


You can add Shutterstock's plugin to use royalty-free videos and images from the platform. Using a plugin facilitates the user to automate adding images via a simple drag and drop feature. Thus, it's highly ideal if you want to go for automation.

10mVertical Video Adjustment

Have you taken any vertical shots? If yes, you can use them in your video footage without including that blank space. You can even select up to three backgrounds with the plugin, namely the mirror, scale, and copy. Also, it is super convenient to adjust the size of footage and other background parameters.

Not enough? Ok, maybe you should try Filmora, a popular editor for beginners as well as pros. You can always find up-to-date effects you want! Click to have a try.

Part 2: How to Add Plugins to Final Cut Pro X

The first step for installing any plugin is to get out of Final Cut Pro X if you have it open. You can refer to the steps below to install various kinds of Final Cut Pro X plugins.

Step 1: Download the Plugin

Fcpx Stabilizer 2.0 Crack Download Windows 7

Finishing plugin fcpx free. download full

Go to your favorite site of plugins and search for tools. Here, we are referring to download the transition tools. Click the Add to Cart tab as shown in the image below.

You will get its download in the form of a zip folder, which you have to unzip for sure.

Here, we have downloaded two transitions contained within one folder.

Step 2: Copy and Paste the Plugin

Now, you need to copy the plugin by right-clicking the entire folder, as shown below.

Finishing Plugin Fcpx free. download full

Afterward, find the Final Cut Pro X in Applications folder from the Finder tab. Right-click the Final Cut Pro X and hit the Show Package Content option.

Then go to Contents > Plugins > Media Providers > Motion Effects.fxp > Contents > Resources > Templates > Transitions.

Paste the item in the Transition folder as shown below.

Finally, there is one last step you need to do with the original files of the transition plugin.

Hit the first transition from the folder that you have just pasted. And, rename the white file that is the actual transition plugin with extension .motr. You are required to do the same thing with other transitions' folders.

Step 3: Find Your Transitions Plugin in Final Cut Pro X

Now, open the Final Cut Pro X and head to the Transitions folder. Here, you can see your installed plugin - SRG Luma Fade in both black and white transitions.

You're good to go now with your installed plugin and enjoy unique transitions.

Final Cut Pro Effects Folder


Thus, these were the steps of plugin installation and top 10 free Final Cut Pro Xplugins with their respective uses. Let us know your favorite plugin and read an astonishing fact about that plugin from us!

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