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Download the service pack to the existing Flight Simulator X installation. The service pack is one download per supported language. It detects Standard versus Deluxe SKUs and installs appropriately. The CLS Boeing 747-200/300 simulator add-on is compatible with the Microsoft Flight Simulator X & 2004. It was designed by CLS and can be purchased for Download FS2004+FSX CLS 747 SERVICE PACK 1!!!!! Direct download via magnet link. A much improved follow-up to Flight Simulator 2004, Simulator X has better graphics, better presentation, and a higher level of replayability. In fact, Microsoft Flight Simulator comes close to the real experience of flying, but you should be aware that the download size is a bit big at 636.2 MB.

Hey Pilot! You ever wished to fly a plane high in the sky as airman? If Yes! Then airplane flight simulator game offers you the most realistic flying flight experience with 3D environment animation and realistic driving and flies plane experience and emergency landings. Enjoy one of the best Free games of 2018. <b> Airplane Flight Pilot Simulator Flying Games 2018 </b> are free here in the store just go for it, download and play as the airman the ultimate airplane flight pilot simulator. Someone left the plane! Airplane engine running. Just go there fasten the seat belt and fly your own airplane across the sea but be careful while having an emergency landing don’t crash as Mayday. 1st learn how to fly a plan like a PRO pilot then serve your department as a professional aviation pilot.Your duty is to transport passengers from one airport to another airport, and yes this is a Free game! Not only that Transporting passenger’s duty but also airplane rescue in sea water. Somehow the man stuck on the boat and sometimes helps the man on the hills, get into avion plan and help them as an airman. Plane driving and ultimate airplane adventure like to everyone dream. No need to spend a lot of days in training to learn flying airplane aviation, and be ready for the emergency landing as Airbus emergency, do not crash your airplane as Mayday. Take your gear up and follow the little tutorial in the starting level and enjoy Free fly in the high sky with your aviation! In this <b> Airplane Flight Pilot Simulator Flying Games 2018 </b> is free and blow, polish and encourage yourself for the dangerous airplane's flight flying in the air. You have to face dangerous seaplane, drowning in thee while rescuing the boats. Also, have to face emergency landing because of heat or engine fault of the aviation airbus plane, don't crash as Mayday. Be a brave air chief, air marshal airman The first flight simulation with all the sea view and green mountains hills, all the airports have an extreme environment, runways, hangar, and highway lines. Attractive light system on the airplane runways, emergency rescue airplanes plane, A perfect Airplane simulator, Mayday action! The environment, sceneries, and an extreme 3D airport and airplanes models are highly attractive, realistic and 3D graphics mini planes, challenge almost every simulation side required for a simulation game, like an airplane flight, Airbus flight, and driving, aeroplane flying, rescue game, emergency landings, Airplane passengers saviors, temperature. In the rescue mission and impossible landings and emergency landing will test your plane flying skills, download it as Free Game and play this Airplane Simulator. Be an air chief air masrshal. Be an airman, Get in the par avion aeroplane as a PRO plane pilot and go higher in the Air, serve as a passengers airplane simulator aviation pilot, Be careful do not crash if, then Mayday. Big airplanes like Boeing 787 and the Boeing 787 Dreamliner also used in this game that will be a little bit change but will be big airplanes like Boeing 787 and some other passengers and cargo transporter planes. <b> Airplane Flight Pilot Simulator Flying Games 2018 </b> <b> Features: </b> One of the Main feature of this game is that this is totally <b> Free </b>  Extreme 3D Environment  Feasible Controls  Smooth gameplay  Detailed Scenarios  Airbus Passengers Airplanes  Rescue Mini Airplanes  Check Points Missions  Time Attack Emergency Landings  Seaplane Driving  Sea views Airplane flight  Boat Rescue Missions  More than 20 levels to play  Airport to Airport adventure  Rescue aviation Flight  Free Airplane driving  Perfect Airplane Simulator Just download and fly high in the sky with your airbus airplane as an airman with too much adventure flight and rescue your civilians. Give your feedback, our next update or change will depend on what you suggest in reviews. Play and Enjoy. ThankYou!

Traffic Tools v2.02 (Category: FS2002 > Utilities)

Flight Simulator 2009 Download

0.16Mb (51665 downloads)
Traffic Tools v2.02 Utilities to program the AI traffic in FS2004 and FS2002. By Lee Swordy. 168K Filename: TTools202.zip
FSND FSX Boeing 747 Upgraded Virtual Cockpit (Category: FSX > Panels)

Flight Simulator 2019 Free Download For Pc

17.65Mb (51223 downloads)
FSND FSX Boeing 747 Upgraded Virtual Cockpit. An upgrade to replace the old default FSX Boeing 747-400 virtual cockpit. This revolutionizes your 747 VC! FMC, EICAS, MFD with control panel, GPWS, working wipers, cabin lights, fire suppression, avionics switch, fuel crossfeed, landing lights switches, taxi light switch, engine generators, APU generator, battery switch, starter switches, de-ice switch, general lights switches, and more! PDF file illustrated information. (BACK UP YOUR ORIGINAL!). FMC by Garrett Smith. GPWS by Rob Barendregt. Original VC Created and produced by: Alejandro Rojas Lucena.
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SR-71 Blackbird 'Ichi Ban' Package (Category: FSX > Military)
19.57Mb (50966 downloads)

Flight Simulator 2009 Demo

This is Alphasim's SR-71 Blackbird Freeware release. Modified for Flight Simulator X .This is # 61-7958 now on display at Robins AFB in central Georgia, where she has been restored to her original 'high-observable' paint scheme, with the addition of the Ichi Ban banner that only 61-7974 ever sported. As a tribute to the last SR-71 Blackbird to be lost. Textures and FSX Updates by Mark Rooks of RSDG Aircraft includes the FSX panel by Steve Hess.. Also included are pictures and history of the original aircraft. Aircraft entitled ' ICHI BAN '
FS 2004 CarrierOps Full Pack(Category: FS2004 > Misc)
26.46Mb (50238 downloads)
FS 2004 CarrierOps Full Pack Test your pilot skills shooting traps using top aircraft of today on the HMSNZ Waikato carrier by S. Reweti. Compiled with carrier ops ready: F14B Tomcat by Dino Cattaneo, F16C Viper/F16C Tiger Viper by Kirk Olsson, F18E Super Hornet / F-18G Growler by Daisuke Yamamoto & TEAM FS KBT. Two extra paint schemas for F-18E by Ty Hill / Lione Mouler. F16 panel and gauges by Eric Marciano: F16 HUD & radar & key code for registering gauge in FSUIPC dll, rev 3.51. Authorizd by Pete Dowson. RCBco carrier ops gagues: meatball, sound, arrestor, catapult & sonic boom / vapor files by Nick Needham, Doug S. Dawson, and Rob Barendregt. FSUIPC dll by Pete Dowson. This is ready to extract into temp folder, c/p into Ffs9 folders with same name. Modifications of all panels and aircraft config files along with additonal files & install method by Steve Hinson. 27.1MB
FSX Lockheed C-130J Package (Category: FSX > Military)
48.08Mb (50003 downloads)
FSX Lockheed Martin C-130J-30 Package for FSX. The C-130J is the newest version of the Hercules and the only model still in production. Externally similar to the classic Hercules in general appearance, the J model is a very different aircraft. These differences include new Rolls-Royce AE 2100 D3 turboprops with Dowty R391 composite scimitar propellers, digital avionics (including Head-Up Displays (HUDs) for each pilot) and reduced crew requirements, two pilots, one load master, and one crew chief. The C-130J flies faster, higher and further than all previous C-130 models. Full package for FSX/SP2 (DX9 graphics), custom 2D and VC panels with HUD, & Garmin avionics. Custom sound, fully animated parts, realistic flight model. Four liveries included - USAF, USCG, RAF and U.S. Marines Blue Angels support aircraft. By Jean-Pierre Brisard and Bob May - Premier Aircraft Design.
Posted Nov 22, 2009 18:49 by [email protected]
Airbus A340-600 Base Package (Category: FSX > Civil Jets)
16.84Mb (49596 downloads)
FSX Airbus A340-600 Model with Airbus Insustrie livery. Comes with working virtual cockpit and repainted FSX default 4-engine gauges. Works with SP1 and SP2. Not testet with DX10. Version2 with many bugs fixed plus multiplayer compatible mdl. By Thomas Ruth
AI scenery Ships/Aircraft Carriers Package (AI Carriers 2) (Category: FSX > Scenery)

Flight Simulator 2009 Free Download

5.42Mb (49531 downloads)
A nice movable ship scenery/utility. This is a small software that allows you to place and control single ships or complete naval fleets in Flight Simulator X. Unlike previous software concerning AI ships and carriers, or missions, it doesn't need complex edit of traffic files or mission files. Just add when you are in free flight, anywhere you want. Requirements: - Java JRE 1.5 or upper (get free at http://java.sun.com) - FSX SP1 (RTM version is not supported) The addon should work with Acceleration (XPack addon). Inserted carriers are cables and catapult-enabled. The menu display keyboard shortcut was changed to shift+j to avoid conflicts with acceleration keys. This software has not been tested on Windows Vista. It may requires manual tweaking of exe.xml. See the included sample_EXE.xml file **** Features **** - insert fleet at current user position or X nm ahead - control fleet movement - request distance and bearing of ships related to user aircraft (fixed magnetic variation) - included hard decks cruiser and destroyer models (useless with Acceleration xpack since they are already included in it) - use catapult & arrestor cables of carriers (FSX Acceleration only) - Insert custom ship models (by editing config files) - Multiple CVN textures developer info: AI Carriers for Flight Simulator X SP1 & Acceleration * * Lamont Clark * second release, 3 november 2007 *
FSX Bell Huey Package Sp2/Xp tested (Category: FSX > Helicopters)
20.75Mb (48682 downloads)

Flight Simulator 2019 Free Download

FSX Bell Huey Package Sp2/Xp tested by Nor-Cal Prop Club Bell UH-1 'Huey' The most famous helicopter in the world is the Bell UH-1 Iroquois, most commonly referred to as the 'Huey.' The Huey, which first flew in 1956, serves in front-line service in the U.S. military and the militaries of many nations and will continue to do so for many years to come. It earned its fame during the Vietnam War. Features REAL HUEY SOUND Firing guns ( no gun sound) Designed by Jordan Moore' Texturing by Deane Baunton sound by by Martoni. Effects by Kim, 'Zeki' BoHyun Updated and packaged by Nor-Cal Prop Club. 21.2MB
DASSAULT Rafale M Package (Category: FSX > Military)
28.69Mb (48432 downloads)
Microsoft flight simulator older versions
DASSAULT Rafale M Package. Including 7 aircraft textures . Aircraft designed with GMax, including moving parts, night lighting. By Pioffet Cyril. Adapted by Anthony Douglas Vladyslav Pavlyuk
180 Liveries Collection Pack for the Default Boeing 737-800 v4(Category: FSX > Civil Jets)
166.89Mb (48413 downloads)
180 Liveries Collection Pack for the default FSX B737-800. 6 Default + 19 Air India + 155 real and defunct airlines liveries from all over the world by various artists. : Adam Air, Aeromexico, Aerosvit, Air Asia Indonesia, Air Astana, Air Berlin, Air Canada, Air China, Air China Olympic, Air Europa, Air France, Air Jamaica, Air New Zealand, Air One, Air Slovakia, AirTran Airways, Air Vanuatu, Alaska , Alaska.com, Alaska Spirit of Seattle, Alaska Starliner 75, Alitalia, All Nippon Airways (ANA), ALOHA, American Airlines, America West, Ansett Australia, Austrian Airlines, Batavia Air (x3), Bmi baby, British Airways, Brussels Airlines, Bulgaria Air, Caribbean Airlines, Cebu Pacific Air, Continental Airlines, Condor, Copa Airlines, Corendon Airlines, Cubana De Aviacion, Cyprus Airways, Czech Airlines, Delta Airlines (x3), DHL Cargo, EasyJet, Eastern AIrlines, El Al (Israel), EgyptAir, Ethiopian, Europe Airpost, FedEx Cargo, Ferrari, Ferrari Cargo, Finnair, First Choice, Flash Airlines, Fly Dubai, Flyglobespan, Frontier Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, Garuda SkyTeam, GOL, Gulf Air, Hainan Airlines (x2), IBERIA, Iran Air, IRONMAIDEN, Japan Airlines (JAL), JAT Airways (old and new), Jet2 (grey and white), JetAmerica, JetTime, Kenya Airways, KLM, Lacey Air, Landmark (Coliseum tail), Lion Air (Indonesia), LOT (Polish Airlines), Lufthansa, Luxair, Malaysia Airlines, MALEV, Mexicana (x4), Military Woodland Camo, Mongolian Airlines (MIAT), Montenegro Airlines, Myanmar Airlines (MAI) , NASA, NAVY, Norwegian Air, Northwest (NWA), OceanAir (Avianca), Olympic Airlines, Pan-Am, Philippine Airlines, PIA (Pakistan Intenrational Airlines), Prague (Czech Republic), Primera Air JetX (Iceland), PrivatAir, Qantas, Royal Mail, Ryanair, Ryanair Guinness, Ryanair Kilkenny, Ryanair Vodafone, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), Singapore Airlines, South African Airways, Southwest Airlines (Blue, Gold, New Mexico), Sterling (Australia), SunExpress, Swiss Air, TAM (Brasil), TAROM (Romania), Thomson Airways, Transavia, TUIfly (x7), Turkish Airlines, TWA (x2), Ukraine International Airlines (UIA), UNITED (x3), UPS Cargo, US Airways, Varig (old and new), VASP (Brazil) , V Australia, Vietnam Airlines, Virgin (blue and red), WestJet, XL Airways, XL Airways Excel.com, XL Airways Oger Tours and XL Airways Viking.