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Currency Conversion Software is the tool to find currency value of various countries quickly. They provide up to date information on exchange rates and metal rates as well. They support multiple languages and allow integrating with the existing accounts software. Since they fetch information from various sources, their currency conversion information is reliable.

To know more about these software one can search Google using “currency converter download free windows 7”, “currency converter application for pc”, “currency converter widget free download” or “free download exchange rate converter”.

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  • Download Excel Currency Converter for free. Excel Currency Converter - The Microsoft Excel Currency Converter plugin can convert between more than 160 currencies and has both hourly updated rates as well as historical rates dating back to 1999.

OANDA Currency Converters

Free Download Desktop Currency Exchange Rate

OANDA Currency Converters allows accessing existing and historical currency rates of all the world’s currencies. It supports twelve languages and enables comparing currency rates for popular twenty six currencies. It also allows updating the currency rates for any base currency. It comes with handy customizable conversion table for using during travelling.

Currencier – Super amazing app for currency conversion. App contains very cool widget for Notification Center App contains very cool widget for Notification Center You are allowed to use this product only within the laws of your country/region.

Currency Converter

Currency Converter comes with simple interface and performs currency conversions based on current exchange rates. It supports about 220 currencies by importing them to the database. It allows viewing multiple currency rates. It allows creating profiles for converting currencies. It does not consume computer resources much and comes with detailed user guide.

The Original Currency Exchange Rates Calculator. Since 1995, the Xe Currency Converter has provided free mid-market exchange rates for millions of users. Our latest currency calculator is a direct descendent of the fast and reliable original 'Universal Currency Calculator' and of. Source: free currency rates (FCR) Change Updated: December 24, 2021 13:45:02 UTC Refresh More information about EUR and USD: exchange rate, signs, countries, cents.

Exchange Rate is a free desktop currency converter for the PC which runs from the system tray icon. It supports more than 100 currencies and retrieves the latest rates over an active internet.

XE Currency Data API

XE Currency Data API provides accurate currency data and gets rates from more than hundred international sources. It allows integration of this API with the existing software like Oracle, and SAP. It allows displaying multi-currency in e-commerce website which helps in optimizing conversions. It helps in understanding foreign exchange rates.

Currency Converter

Currency Converter is online currency converter software which helps to find current exchange value. It allows the entering country or currency and amount parameters for both source and target currencies. It also displays currency conversion guide for seven different amounts based on the selected currency. It also displays five days trending currency values.

Currency exchange rate chart

Other Currency Conversion Software for Different Platforms


There are a plenty of currency conversion software available for various platforms like Windows, Mac Os and Android with each of them having different functionalities. The below mentioned features and details help one to understand them easily to utilize. They are platform dependent and hence one should verify for compatibility.

Free Currency Conversion Software for Windows – Desktop Currency Converter

Desktop Currency Converter is easy-to-use software which helps to convert about thirty currencies. It allows downloading exchange rates automatically. It can work in offline mode as well. It allows adjusting the target amount and viewing the results. It allows copying and pasting functions as well. It is extremely comfortable to perform conversions.

Free Currency Conversion Software for Mac Os – Currency Converter

This is powerful currency conversion software and extremely easy-to-use. It allows displaying exchange rates at a glance by selecting currency from a list of currencies or countries. It displays frequently updated exchange rates. It allows checking gold, silver and platinum values as well. It supports more than two hundred and twenty countries.

Free Currency Conversion Software for Android – Easy Currency Converter

Easy Currency Converter supports currency conversion for more than one hundred and eighty countries as well as displays four metals rates. It displays updated exchange rates and can display multiple currencies instantly. It works in offline mode too and allows adding new currency. It displays live currency rates and graphs provided by Yahoo.

Itunes Latest Version Download For Mac

More Great Currency Conversion Software for Windows, Android and Mac Os

For windows some of the currency conversion software is “PC Currency Calculator”, “Currency Exchanger Free”, “XE Currency” and “Office Calculator”. For Mac Os version some of the currency conversion software is “Currency Assistant”, “Exchange Rates”, “Currencier” and “Currency Rates”. “Convert Pad”, “Unit Converter”, “Mobile Converter”, “My Currency” and “Currency” are some of the currency conversion software for android application.

Currency Exchange Rate Converter

Most popular Currency Conversion Software for 2016 is Strong Currency Converter

This currency converter can perform up to one hundred and fifty eight currencies. It gets the exchange rates from authenticated sources and extremely powerful software. It allows distributing this software and comes with easy copying as well as pasting values functions. It can perform calculation precision up to four decimal places.

What is Currency Conversion Software?

Free Cnet Software Downloads Popular

Currency conversion software is the tool which is extensively used in trading business and with many transactions is being done, currency conversion is very important today. To perform currency conversion smoothly and perform any kind business like trading easily these currency conversion software comes to the rescue. They can display multiple currency values instantly and allows the user to change the amount and view the results dynamically.

To know more about their varieties and get more knowledge about them one can search Google using “currency conversion calculator”, “currency conversion program in java”, “currency conversion formula” or “currency conversion calculator by date”.

How to Install Currency Conversion Software?

Currency exchange rate nrb

Currency Exchange Rate Nrb

Currencies (free Version Download For Mac

There are many varieties of Currency conversion software available in different platform and hence their installation instructions vary for each platform. One can go through the installation guide provided along with the software download and complete installation. For online currency conversion software they require internet connectivity and no installation is needed.

Free Download Desktop Currency Exchange Rate Today

Benefits of Currency Conversion Software

List Of Currency Exchange Rates

Since the customers have the option of paying for their transactions using local currency or foreign currency. By knowing the converted currency value they can judge in which currency they can make transaction and know the value of charges or fees for trading exactly. By integrating with the company’s software these software helps to perform business easily.You may also see Exchange Rate Calculator

Credit card payments that are performed for foreign transactions are managed easily using these currency conversion software. They work in offline mode and can be used during travelling as well. They work perfectly on mobile devices and they can provide trend analysis for various currencies.You can also See BitCoin Mining Software

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