Free Tea Cosy Knitting Patterns To Download

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Instead of constantly getting up to microwave your drink, check out these 20 crochet tea cosy patterns that will keep your kettle warm all day! This one-of-a-kind vintage style pattern has been especially created so that you can easily change the size of the pattern to fit your teapot. Tea cosy knitting patterns free – make a tea cosy with this free printable pattern. This retro style cosy is an easy knit, using two colours. You can add flowers on the crown or pom poms. #teacosy #knit #knitting #knitters #freepatterns #teacosypattern Read more. Download: Yoda Tea Cosy Knitting Pattern English Edition at

Add a tinge of DIY to your breakfast table by making some decorative tea cozies. Dress your teapots in different colors and enjoy a brewing cup of your favorite beverage. Here are some cool ways to use some leftover fabrics and yarns to whip up a tea cosy.

Tea Cozy Pattern Pictures

1. Tea Cozy: DIY

Blooming with flowers, the crochet teapot will keep the content warm and lend an aesthetic appeal to it.

Free Tea Cosy Knitting Patterns

Tea Cozy

2. Granny Tea Cozy

A colorful and classy teapot cover, your morning will start with a different kick.

3. Scallop Tea Tea Cozy

Tea Cozies

4. Reversible Tea Cosy

5. DIY Crochet Tea Cozy

6. Free Tea Cosy Patterns to Knit

With a fluffy pompom, the teapot wrap with a ribbed pattern will energize your mornings.

Knitting Patterns Tea Cosy Easy

7. Tea Cozy Knitting Pattern

8. How to Make a Tea Cozy: Tutorial

How to Make a Tea Cozy

9. Cupcake Tea Cozy Crochet Pattern

10. Crochet Chicken Tea Cosy Pattern

Whether you want to make a hen or chicken tea cozy, you can follow this pattern.

Chicken Tea Cosy Knitting Pattern

11. Knitted Tea Cozy Pattern Free

12. Flower Shower Tea Cozy Sewing Pattern

The fabric cover with a ruffled edge will keep your tea hot. Try out this fun project with different patterns as well.

Tea Cozy Sewing Pattern

13. Granny’s Traditional Tea Cosy

Here is another beautiful and elegant cosy that wraps around your teapot and your tea warm.

14. How to Sew a Tea Cozy Pattern

In a short span of time, you will be able to sew this versatile cosy for keeping your favorite beverage warm and snug.

Tea Cozy Pattern to Sew Free

15. Sheep Tea Cozy Knitting Pattern Tutorial

The adorable tea cozy tutorial is given in another language, but you can allow your search engine to translate it into your language.

Free Tea Cosy Knitting Patterns To Download Without

16. Fabric Tea Cozy Knit

The shimmery feel of the tea cosy is an invite to your breakfast table in the morning even if you have a long working day ahead.

Fabric Tea Cozy Pattern

17. Easy Crochet Tea Cozy Pattern for Beginners

18. Best Japanese Tea Cozy

Japanese Tea Cozy

19. Rainbow Knitted Tea Cozy Pattern English

Add the wonderful colors of the rainbow to your teapot cover. The bushy pompom looks adorable on it.

20. DIY Tea Pot Cozy

DIY Tea Cozy

21. Quilted Tea Cozy

You can always utilize your free time to stitch a patchwork quilt teapot cozy and change the look of your kitchen décor.

22. Felted Tea Cozy Crochet Pattern

The cute teapot cozy is a warm delight for your favorite drink. It is likely to go fit with medium-sized tea kettles if have a huge collection at home.

Felted Tea Cozy Pattern

23. Make a Tea Cozy Pattern

Don’t you think the pretty flower blooming on your teapot is a treat to the eyes? Click on the link above to get the detailed pattern.


24. Easy Tardis Tea Cozy Pattern

Your little boy will love this design as his favorite spacecraft comes right on the kitchen table. The PDF link of the cozy is given in the tutorial.

Tardis Tea Cozy

25. Small Wrap Around Tea Cozy Pattern

26. Union Jack Tea Cozy Tutorial

Here is another interesting pattern you can obtain by directly clicking on the link provided in the tutorial.

Union Jack Tea Cozy

27. Large Drawstring Tea Cosy/Cozy Pattern

Free Tea Cosy Knitting Patterns To Download Easy

Dress up your tea kettle in a vintage style with a drawstring tea cosy. Are you ready for a piping cup of tea?

28. Cupcake Crocheted Tea Cosy Pattern

Designed to suit all types of teapots, this one has yummy addition perfect for an English tea time.

Crocheted Tea Cozy

29. Tea Cozy English Crochet

30. Free Owl Tea Cosy Knitting Pattern

No knotting pattern can go without an owl as it always adds a charm to anything you are making.

Owl Tea Cozy

31. How to Make a Rose Tea Kettle Cozy

32. Cat Tea Cozy

Free Tea Cosy Knitting Patterns To Download Pdf

Tabby Cat Tea Cosy

Free Tea Cosy Knitting Patterns To Download Free

33. Christmas Pudding Tea Cosy

Traditional Swedish Patterns

These ravishing tea cozies are a pleasure to make for anyone who has interest in crafts, knitting, and crochet.