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Thank you for installing MEmu Play!

FANTASTIC! You are finally be able to play all your Android apps or games on your laptop or PC with larger screen and unlimited battary. On this page, you can watch the most popular videos about how to use this powerful software and check out the FAQ list. In addition, we highly recommend you like our official page and join user group at Facebook to get live support.

A Lords Mobile Bot is an auto clicker program that farms resources for you on unlimited accounts using advanced image recognition macros and scripts. Run Unlimited Farm Accounts. Available on Android & iPhone. Available on Windows PC & MAC. 24/7 Software Support Chat. Auto Plays the Game for You. To install the game run the GnbotsGameInstaller, select your MEmu emulator and which game you play and click Install Game. For PC version users download the Installer tool here. For Bot server users is the tool placed on your desktop, if you don't have it please Create a Ticket and ask to get the tool uploaded to your bot server.

MEmu 7 - The Best Android Emulator on PC

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to enable virtualization technology?

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While installing GnBots on PC may seem easy, its important to read each step carefully as features will not work if setup incorrectly. This guide is for the PC Version. Looking for the Server Guides?


Do not skip ahead or it will not work correctly.

Once its downloaded onto your PC, open MEmu to start the installation.

You will then have an icon for MEmu and an icon for Multi-MEmu on your desktop.

If you get an error while installing, see the MEmu Troubleshooting Guide.

Go to your PC desktop and open the icon called 'Multi-MEmu'.

The Multiple Instance Manager (Multi-MEmu) is where you will create and manage all of your accounts. Whatever is shown here will also show in the scripts Account tab.

Click New in the bottom right corner of Multi-MEmu.

Select Android 5.1. (If you play Gotc or Moe select Android 7.1.)

(Note: Game of Thrones and March of Empires Need to Use Android 7.1 Instead)

You have now created 1 Farm Account.

You will need to repeat this process for each farm account you have.

Each instance represents 1 phone. If you have 10 instances, that's like having 10 phones and each one will have a separate game Account on them.

Click the small square pencil to the right of your account to Rename It.

Type a Name and only use A-Z and 0-9. (No Special Characters).

Each Instance Namemust be different (Don't use the same names).

Press the Start button next to the instance.

When MEmu asks you to Add the Google Account, you will need to enter the GMAIL associated with the Farm Account or a google account of free choice if you have your Farm bound to Facebook/another in game binding (Like IM30/Kingsgroup etc).

If you get any sort of Google Communication errors, press the Skip button. Then you can go to Settings within MEmu and add the google account there.

Always make sure to restart the MEmu window after changing settings.

If you still have issues, try another restart.

Check out a more in depth guide on Running Multiple Accounts in MEmu


TypeGoogle Play Games in the search bar and press Enter.

Click the UPDATE button and let the update installation finish.

Once it is completed press the arrow back icon in the lower right corner.

Open the MENU to open Play Store Menu.


Open Auto-update apps and choose the option Don’t auto-update apps.

The next step is to open and adjust The MEmu settings.

Press the Gear icon to the right of the account to open System Settings.

Under the the Engine tab

Set Performance to “Medium”
Set the Render Mode to “DirectX”. (Except King of Avalon, Guns of Glory and Zday Users)
For King of Avalon, Guns of Glory Players and Zday Only: Set the Render Mode to “OpenGL” instead.

Switch to the Display tab

Set Anti-Flickering toggle to OFF

Switch to the Storage tab

Set Cache Policy to “Stability”

Switch to the Profile tab

Ensure you have a Default Device Model selected

Generate a random phone number

This will ensure all of your instances (phones) are different.

Switch to the Device tab

Set Audio Driver to Disabled

Switch to the Preferences tab

Change Language to 'English'

Click OKto save.

Check out a more in depth guide on how to Increase MEmu performance.

Install the Game

Using this method ensures you always have the correct game version.

Sometimes the game fails to download through MEmu and Google Play. It is also important for the Bot to function properly to be on the correct game version.

To install the game run the GnbotsGameInstaller, select your MEmu emulator and which game you play and click Install Game.

For PC version users download the Installer tool here. When you have the tool ready select your MEmu emulator and which game you play.

Open yourMEmu instance(Farm Account)

Click theGame iconin MEmu tostart the game.

When the game opens it should show a new game account (Level 1).

In most of the games you canskip the tutorialto access your Game Account Profile.

In the game, go intoAccount > Switch / Bind / Loginvia Gmail Account or another method which is available for the game you play

Gnbots pc install

This will now load your real game account that is bound to that gmail/other binding.

For our bots to work correctly, you need to go into each of your accounts and change your game LANGUAGE to ENGLISH.

This guide is nearly the same for all games.

Profile > Settings > Language > English

Login to your account and click yourprofile image on the top left corner

Click theSettings(Gears Icon) on the right bottom corner

Click theLanguage icon

SelectEnglish as your default game language

Close the game and login to your account again. Verify the game is now inEnglish

Repeat these steps forall of your accounts

Your Accountsmust also be Castle/Base/StrongholdLevel 6or Higher.

Many games requirespecific game settingsto be turned off (Such as 3D Graphics) or specific Game Layouts for the actions to work properly – Check if your game is listed andset them accordinglybelow.

  • This can only be downloaded on a Windows 7 or Higher PC
  • For MAC, Android or iOS You need the Server Guide

Once the download finishes, open the Zip file and extract all to your PC Desktop.

Check out how to properly unzip the bot if needed.

Open the GnLauncher Folder and run the GnLauncher.exe

Click the your game icon.

You will now see where you can Register your License Key or choose to Activate Free Trial.

You can access this license key dialog at any time by right clicking your game icon.

If your Free Trial says Expired - Restart the software and try again.

If it still says expired, you either ran out of your 2 hours per day time or your Anti Virus / Windows Defender / Firewall is blocking the connection to the key server.

If the download is taking a long time or doesn't work at all - Something is blocking it on your PC and needs to be disabled or completely removed before you can download. (Anti virus, windows defender)

Check out an in depth guide on Fixing Most Common Issues

Open the GnLauncherand click your game icon

Go to the Accounts Tab

Double click an Account or select an account and click Edit to add Actions

Actions are what you select to tell the auto play software to do on your PC.

It's important to understand how auto playing on PC actually works.

After clicking Start, the pc software will open Account 1, perform the actions, close Account 1, and open Account 2, it will then repeat this process through all of your accounts.

By increasing Sessions, you are telling the script to increase this process.

For example, 1 session can rotate through 300+ game accounts. If you increase Sessions to 2, you are telling the macro to rotate through 300 accounts with 2 open at the same time.

So 2 Sessions, each doing 150 accounts.

Gnbots Free Download Windows 10

We recommend using 1 session per 20 accounts, with 4 being the max recommended.

Set the Actions you would like.

All accounts within Multi-MEmu must have Actions set or be paused before clicking start.

Gnbots Free

Actions are what you want the macro to do. We recommend only selecting Gather or something simple at first to ensure it works correctly. Then add more after.

There are many optional script settings, and our guides explain each of them in detail.

Check out our Action Guides for more detailed explanations on these scripts and macros.

Once you have everything setup, click START

It should open your 1st game instance and begin performing the actions you've chosen.

It has built in Randomization Techniques and Anti Ban technology.

It will do random things in order to seem more authentic.

Don't panic if it doesn't look perfect, however it should do all tasks within a reasonable amount of time.

If it seems slow, check out the Speed Up Guide to make it faster.

Gnbots Setup

If it doesn't seem to be working, your Game Settings are most likely incorrect.

Gnbots Free Download Games

Auto playing works great when setup correctly.

If it doesn't seem to work for you, please Join Us in Live Chat

Enjoy and as always, thank you for your support.

Have Fun Auto Playing with Macros and Scripts!

Gnbots free. download full

Please read the text as some of the games require different steps than the video.