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Oct 31, 2018 Due to vast amount of this brushes available free for download, the problem with Photoshop brushes isn’t in finding good brushes but is to finding a useful one. Having a collection of high quality and unique brush sets is essential for any designers. Here is an awesome collection of a variety of High-quality Grunge brushes, which can be used in any way you like. Sep 13, 2021 In this roundup, we have collected hundreds of grunge, and distressed Photoshop brushes to spice up your designs. So whether you are a web designer wanting to give your site a distressed background, or a graphic designer wanting to give a decayed feel to your designs, or even if you are a photographer looking to give your shots a grungy or aged. 500+ Photoshop Grunge Brushes Free Download. Grunge effect in web design very popular right now, and fortunately there are tons of free Photoshop brushes that will help you to quickly and easily get the grunge effect you want. These brushes are ideal for creating backgrounds and you can use them in a website, leaflet, poster, cards, etc.

Description & Tutorial

Dust Particle Brush is a brush most on search in the past year by the desainer graphic. along with vintage and retro design trends, this brush is a must for designers who love to create the theme vintage and retro design. normally this brush provided in the jpeg or png image. and also more often called a grunge style. but many designers who don't know their use. We pack the material this grunge into the brush to be easy in their use.

for their use, please install the brush by means of double click ABR file brus and automatically installed in your photoshop, if the file is not installed. Please close photoshop and reopen the application. simply, remove the retrodesign with this brush, and see the effect.

Brush Photoshop Free


Name:Dust Particle Brush
Total: 7
Type File: Photoshop ABR
Minimum Adobe: Photoshop CC
Dimention: 2000 x 2000 px
Size: 1MBDownload


Dust Particle Brush : Download

Download the free grunge texture pack below.

Grunge Background Seamless (download the pack)

Grunge PNG Seamless (download the pack)

Grunge Overlay Seamless (download the pack)

Grunge textures that you can download and use for free. The pack contains 17 grunge texture images.

Do you need grunge texture free images? We have lots of free grunge textures to choose from.

If you are looking for grunge overlay, scratches overlay, grunge texture, dirty texture, grunge texture png, grunge pattern or other distressed overlay images, then this pack is what you need.

The set contains 12 grunge textures that you can download for free. These distressed textures can be used as grunge overlay for your images. Create a grunge background or a grunge effect easily with these free textures.

Grunge Texture Brush Photoshop Free Download Windows 10

These free grunge textures are in JPG format. The size of the textures is 3500×2300 px.

How to Use Textures in Photoshop

More free textures for your graphic design projects

How To Use a Grunge Texture in Photoshop

If you are looking for a free grunge background for creating a poster or other graphics, use Photoshop or other free Photoshop alternative like MockoFun.


The seamless grunge texture from this pack, can be used as a grunge pattern in Photoshop. Go to Edit > Define Pattern to create the grunge pattern.

If you want to create a grunge effect, here are the steps that you should make:

  1. Open your photo in Photoshop
  2. Place the grunge overlay over your photo and set the blend mode to Soft Light, Overlay or try other blend modes.
  3. Use a Levels adjustment for the grunge texture to increase or lower the contrast.

How to Create a Grunge Font in Photoshop

By using a dirty texture you can take any regular font and turn it into a grunge font or a distressed font.

Free grunge overlay effects photoshop

To make a grunge font add the dirty texture over your text. Add a Layer Mask to the text layer. Then, go to Image > Apply Image. Use Levels to adjust the grunge mask.

You can combine the grunge textures to obtain that distressed look that you like.

Check out my dust textures and also my dust PNG pack, if you want to create a grunge effect. With these textures you can make grunge posters, grunge backgrounds quick and easy.

In the preview image above I used my black and white Photoshop action to create a monochrome image before applying the grunge texture.

How to Create a Grunge PNG Image in Photoshop

  1. Open a grunge texture in Photoshop.
  2. Add a Layer Mask
  3. Go to Image > Apply Image to get a transparent texture
  4. Save the image as PNG (File > Save As)
  5. Add the grunge PNG over your image.

In the ZIP file you have a grunge png image to create a grunge photo in Photoshop or any other graphic design tool. You can also use these free grunge overlay images to create an old photo effect.

Check out our set of png textures if you want to use texture png images in your projects.

Make a grunge background Photoshop image in just a few minutes. The grunge maps are useful for all kind of graphic design software like Photoshop, Gimp, etc. You can use the grunge maps in Blender for 3D modelling.

To make a vintage photo effect you can use my sepia Photoshop action or, if you prefer textures, you can use my vintage paper textures. Alternatively there are a lot of old paper background images that you can combine with the grunge textures to get some really cool effects.

Our next pack will also include a set of grunge overlay PNG images. Why PNG images? Because some of the graphic design software don’t have blending modes, so you can not use the grunge images as overlays.

Item Details


This freebie contains 8 textures

  • Format: JPG file
  • Author: PhotoshopSupply(exclusive item)
  • License: Free for personal and commercial use with attribution. License Agreement
Grunge Texture
25327 downloads67.6MB

How to Create Grunge Effect Online with MockoFun

If you want to use these dust textures online, try the MockoFun online photo editor, it’s free!

You can find these dust textures in the Elements > Effects category. Add them over your photo and use blending modes just like in Photoshop to create an interesting grunge effect.

So, if you don’t have Photoshop, you can make old photo effects with MockoFun. Check out the article about how to use the vintage photo editor online to make old retro images.

If you are looking for other cool photo effects, check out this list of online photo effects that you can use for your pictures.

MockoFun is a magic photo editor online with more than 50 non-destructive photo filters, photo overlays and photo effects.

Try the MockoFun’s Grunge Filter Online

Use MockoFun to create a grunge photo effect in just a few minutes. Use this free grunge effect template to transform your picture into an old grunge photo. simply click on the Replace Object button to add your own image.

Grunge Texture Brush Photoshop Free Download Cs6

These grunge filter is made using different grunge texture images. Each grunge texture is added in a new layer and you can apply blending modes just like in Photoshop.

Use the grunge png images as grunge mask for your photos.

Other resources that you might like:

  • Sunset Gradients (FREE GRD & JPG)
  • 80s Retro Poster (FREE Action)
  • Canvas Texture (FREE)
  • Chalk (Chalkboard Texture & Chalk Effect PREMIUM)

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