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Updated 9/7/2021

Download VidMate 4.4903. A free application for Windows users that allows you to download online videos. Download free office suite for Windows, macOS and Linux. Microsoft compatible, based on OpenOffice, and updated regularly. The Brave browser is a fast, private and secure web browser for PC, Mac and mobile. Download now to enjoy a faster ad-free browsing experience that saves data and battery life by blocking tracking. Jamovi is a free, open-source, standalone software that offers a point-and-click interface for R. It is in rapid development with new features being added every few months, and was started by developers who worked on JASP. It offers the power of R, including advanced analyses such as mixed models and factor analysis, with an interface elements.

Jamovi Free Download

What about cryptographic signing and error messages when you try to install free statistical software for Macs? See our “signing page.” ... and does this work on Mojave? Is it signed and 64-bit?

Meet the free SPSS clones

I have taught statistics using JASP, Jamovi, and PSPP. Each has advantages and disadvantages, and there is nothing stopping you from using all three depending on what you are trying to do. Ironically, each one has a much faster user interface than SPSS—and all import and export SPSS .sav and syntax files.

JASP is a fork of (it was originally based on) Jamovi; both are still under active development, which have fairly similar user interfaces, and both saved a good deal of time and trouble by not reinventing the wheel—they are essentially user interfaces for another statistics program, the hard-to-learn-and-use R.

RegressionStepwise, forward, backwardEnter (supports multi-step)Enter (one step)
Missing valuesProgram-wide onlyBy variableBy variable
Statistics engineRRPSPP
M1 nativeSource, not binarySource, not binarySource, not binary

The programs have spreadsheet-like data editors, but it's best to prepare information for them somewhere else; they let you computer variables, but in a clunky and hard to use way. Importing variable labels and missing values from SPSS files sometimes fails (I've only seen the missing values problem on Windows), a major drawback to programs that will read SPSS files otherwise.

JASP and JamoviPSPP
t-testsShared variance onlyShared and unique variance
OutputCopies as tablesCopies as plain text
More modules?YesNo
WindowsOne triple-pane windowThree windows
SyntaxNoYes, SPSS
Contextual helpYes, nicely integratedNo
Can log commands to a fileYes (can’t easily replay)In theory/not working
Mac open/save/print boxesNoNo
Can use as SPV file viewerYes

Jamovi free. download full

JASP and Jamovi share lightning-fast speed; a wide range of statistics, with extra plugins on Jamovi; and easy installation on Macs, Windows, and Linux. Their basic interface has an Office 365-style open/save/print/export tab; options on the left, output on the right layout; instant changes to the output if you change the input; and export of both data and output, as desired.

Jamovi free. download full

There’s a third SPSS clone, one which keeps most of the user interface from a relatively ancient version of SPSS: PSPP. At the moment there are some nasty bugs, but overall it might be easier for many people to use than JASP and Jamovi. It's easier to master if you're used to SPSS, but development has been very slow and JASP and Jamovi may be better options for that reason—unless you do a lot of computes and recodes and other data manipulation, or do a lot of t-tests. Then PSPP is the best choice.