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Free Wedding Lightroom Presets for Mobile & Desktop (40+) April 1, 2020. October 23, 2019 by Jason Matterson. This article introduces our best and loved Wedding Lightroom Presets, that are available for a free download for both Mobile (.dng) and Desktop (.lrtemplate) Lightroom app versions. If you want to download desktop version of presets go. Free Lightroom Presets. 10 Wedding Lightroom Presets is a collection of premium lightroom presets. DOWNLOAD Fast Download With Google Drive Link If you found the.

Free Lightroom Presets and Photoshop Actions. Instantly Download from our massive collection of Free Lightroom Presets, Photoshop Actions & More! Ready made Lightroom presets are a godsend for post-production and help make Lightroom the best photo-editing software of all for many photographers – and the best free Lightroom presets can be just as compelling and valuable as paid-for equivalents.

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Download these Free Lightroom Presets for Portraits to make your outdoor and indoor portraits pop and amazing in 2 clicks. All these Lightroom portrait presets can be installed and used in Lightroom Desktop and Mobile versions. Choose a suitable portrait preset and turn your ordinary photo into a beautiful portrait easily and fast.

350 Free Portrait Lightroom Presets Bundle Includes:

Free Lightroom Presets For Portrait Photography Includes:

This collection of Lightroom presets for portraits will make your portraits look good without much Lightroom image editing experience. All Lightroom portrait presets come in .xmp and .Irtemplate formats. These are the best Lightroom presets for portraits that are absolutely free, so you can download the portrait presets and use any time you wish. If you still don’t have the latest Lightroom CC version, read more about how to get Lightroom for free and start using our portrait presets right now!

Free Most Popular Lightroom Presets for Portraits:

#1 Lightroom Portrait Presets Free 'Contrast'
By increasing contrast, this Lightroom preset for portrait will make colors look more natural and true-to-life. It also helps to fix the exposure even if the original portrait is underexposed due to poor lighting or lack of natural light.
#2 Free Lightroom Presets for Portraits 2019
With this Lightroom preset for portrait, you can make all colors more vibrant and saturated. It is great when there’s texture in the hair that need to be highlighted. These Lightroom portrait presets are recommended for studio portraits.
#3 Lightroom Free Presets for Portraits 'B&W'
This portrait preset creates a beautiful black and white look with natural contrast and shadows to bring out even the smallest details in the portraits. Use this Lightroom preset for portrait if you want to make portraits dramatic.

Best Lightroom Presets For Portraits 2019 Bundle Includes:

#4 Outdoor Portrait Lightroom Presets 'Wind'
Use this Lightroom preset for portrait for editing images that are overexposed and lack sharpness. This portrait preset is perfect for photographs taken outdoors with much natural light and light leaks.
#5 Best Filter for Portraits 'Sun Flares'Lightroom presets free download
For fast color correction download these portrait presets for Lightroom. If your image has a pinkish or purplish color cast, the portrait preset will remove it and fix the white balance issues.
#6 Lightroom Headshot Presets 'Matte'
You should use this Lightroom preset for portrait on outdoor portraits that have lighting problems with shadows. If your model’s face doesn’t show enough details, you can make it more defined with this portrait preset.
#7 Free Lr Portrait Presets 'Cold Shadows'
The Cold Shadows portrait preset is amazing for creating a moody atmosphere in fashion portraits. It will bring out the cool tones in the dark areas and make the details of the makeup more expressive.
#8 Lightroom Portrait Presets Free 'Old Styles'
Old Style Lightroom presets for portraits can quickly fix the white balance and make your portraits vintage and old-fashioned. The final portrait will have pure colors and crisp whites.
#9 Portrait Presets Lightroom Free 'Cinematic'
This Lightroom preset for portraits is meant to be used for color toning. As a result, you will get a perfectly moody cinematic portrait that will have all the Hollywood vibes.
#10 Lightroom Presets for Portraits 'Nature'
If your portrait photo has too much whites in the background making it very underexposed, use this free portrait Lightroom preset. It will brighten up the image, returning the natural colors to the objects in the portrait.
#11 Lightroom Presets Portraits Free 'Falls'
This color toning portrait preset is perfect for creating a warm and romantic atmosphere in the couple portraits. It's perfect for fall images with many warm colors in the background giving your portraits boho tints.
#12 Lightroom Presets Portraits 'Vintage'
Use these Lightroom portrait presets to remove the bluish color cast in the shot. By enhancing the warm tones, you can create a beautiful vintage vibe in your stylized studio or lifestyle portraits.
#13 Free Lightroom Preset Portrait 'Pop'
If the photos have a bluish color cast, use this free Lightroom portrait preset to remove it and return the natural colors, making them look rich and bright. The Color POP Portrait Preset is perfect for beachy summer portraits.
#14 Lightroom Pro Presets 'Sharpening'
Brighten and sharpen the whole image up with this Lightroom preset for portraits. Apply it to photographs that do not show the color right and need white balance correcting. Recommended for studio portraits with not many details in clothes.
#15 Free Portrait Presets 'Pure'
Have fun with this atmospheric free Lightroom preset for portraits. Let the colors in the image play a little differently by increasing the red undertones. It will definitely look awesome with glamour shots taken for advertising or magazines.

Free Lightroom Portrait Presets Mobile:

#16 Portrait Presets for Lightroom 'Fashion'
Take your fashion portraits to a new level with this free portrait Lightroom preset. It will brighten the whole image drawing the viewers’ eyes to the perfect skin of your model.
#17 Best Lr Presets for Portraits 'Brighten'
Make sure to turn a dark underwhelming portrait into something bursting with color. This portrait preset is perfect for indoor portraits and headshots, even when there is not enough natural light.
#18 Free Portrait Presets 'Pink'
By adding a very subtle pink tone to the portrait photograph, you create a soft romantic look. Download these free Lightroom presets for portraits that are a great choice for bridal or baby portraits.
Wedding#19 Best Lightroom Presets for Portraits 2018
This portrait preset is perfect for basic color enhancement. It will remove unwanted color cast, reduce noise without taking away the definition. The final make or female portrait will look professionally edited and natural.
#20 Lr Presets for Portraits Free 'Darken'
If you are using creative and unusual lighting for taking studio portraits, make sure to use this portrait Lightroom preset. It will darken and saturate the colors, enhancing the artistic expression created by the lighting.
#21 Free Lightroom Brushes for Portraits
Add a beautiful matte effect to your female portraits with this collection of portrait Lightroom presets. With them, you will brighten the hidden areas in the photo but keep the shadows intense and rich.

Family Portrait Lightroom Presets:

#22 Wedding Lightroom Presets 'Sunny Day'Free
The backlighting may cause your close-up portraits to look darker. Use this portrait preset to fix this issue and create a perfect portrait taken at the Golden Hour.
#23 Light And Airy Lightroom Presets Free
Use this Lightroom portrait preset if you need to fix the white balance in several clicks. Especially if there is a lot of white in the background and on the model. This Lightroom preset for portraits will make it look crisp.
#24 Orange And Teal Free Mobile Presets
To create the beautiful and popular combination of orange and teal colors, simply use this portrait Lightroom preset. It will take you only a few seconds to make your travel portraits yummy and rich in colors.
#25 Free Lightroom Presets for Portraits Mobile
To add a burst of energy effect, use this Lightroom preset for portraits. By increasing exposure, your image will look incredibly bright and lively. Great for shooting sports portraits taken at the gym.
#26 Free Lightroom Preset Film Look
This beautiful film look is perfect for street portraits. With this Lightroom portrait preset you can remove the cool undertones, letting all the warm colors shine through. Give your photos tints of gold.
#27 Free Lightroom Color Presets 'Creamy'
Use this portrait preset if your image is affected by an unsightly green color cast. By adding a subtle warm tone to the highlights, you can make the whole portrait look softer very fast.

Top Lightroom Presets for Portraits Free:

#28 Free Lightroom Preset Vintage
This is one of the best Lightroom presets for portraits to return the colors of the photograph to their natural shades. It will instantly brighten up the face of your model and make it clear.
#29 Greater Than Gatsby Lr Presets 'Chocolate'
This portrait preset will work well with images that have a lot of dark colors and deep shadows. Apply this portrait preset for images with solid-color backgrounds to put an additional accent on the model.
#30 Rose Petal Preset Pro Free
Add a subtle pink hue to your image with this Lightroom portrait preset, making it look fresh and light without much efforts. Great for portraits taken outdoors.
#31 Moody Lightroom Presets Free
Turn the portraits you take on a gloomy overcast day into amazing moody masterpieces. Besides color toning the image, these free portrait Lightroom presets enhance the details.
#32 Best Free Lightroom Presets 'Cold'
Not enough light in the shot? Use this free portrait Lightroom preset to your advantage by adding cooler tones to the dark areas of the image and fixing the white balance. A good choice for bridal and couple portraits in the gloomy weather.
#33 Free Natural Light Lightroom Presets
If you are shooting outside with much sunlight, apply this portrait preset to photos with back or side light. It will brighten up the face of your model and intensify the textures and details.
#34 Free Dng Lightroom Presets 'Contrast'
Use this portrait preset when you have a lot of bright colors in the image. It will make them look more intense and deep. Isn’t recommended for close-up portraits.
#35 Outdoor Lightroom Presets
Is green the accent color in the portrait photo? Make the image look more natural by making the greens look warmer, thus, enhancing the contrast with the reds. Download this free Lightroom preset for portraits and use it for macro photos as well.
#36 Free Lightroom Preset Matte
With this portrait preset, you can make the textures pop and more distinctive. Choose it when you need to place the focus on the hair of your model.
#37 Skin Tone Presets for Lightroom
Go for natural-looking skin without artificial blurring and losing texture. This portrait preset for Lightroom will make the skin look flawless. A good choice for everyday Instagram portraits or selfies.
#38 Free Fall Lightroom Presets 'Greenery'
With these free portrait presets you will make the greens look cooler, which is perfect for putting accents onto the whites. Great for outdoor wedding portraits taken on dull days without direct sun lights.
#39 Lightroom Presets Best B&W
This black and white portrait preset will make the lighter areas of the image brighter. Perfect for making the face look more expressive. These are the best free Lightroom presets for portraits that were underexposed.
#40 Best Lightroom Presets 'Vintage Style'
Use this portrait preset to bring out the warm colors in the shot. Perfect for portraits taken at the sunset or sunrise to make the colors look more vibrant and magical.
#41 Free Mobile Presets 'Warm'
Taking portrait pictures in the woods or against the green background? Apply this free Lightroom portrait preset to remove the green color in the skin of your model.
#42 Best Lightroom Presets to Buy 'Classic'
These wedding portrait presets collection features a variety of color effects and combinations. You will get many ways of color toning for outdoor and indoor portraits. All these Lightroom portrait presets will make your even photos look amazing.

Lightroom Presets Free Portraits Pro Edition:

#43 Free Dark Lightroom Presets
This collection of portrait presets is all about the shadows. They will work perfectly with nighttime photographs but try using them with sunny images as well to make the colors look more intense.
#44 Free Instagram Lightroom Presets
This lifestyle portrait presets collection features a variety of color tints. Us these Instagram portrait presets for editing photos fast and posting them in no time.
#45 Free Lightroom Presets MobileLightroom 4 Wedding Presets Free Download
These are our all-time favorites. Beautiful Lightroom portrait presets for any image editing task or creative effect you want to achieve. Download this bundle of portrait presets today and make your photos look wonderful tomorrow.

Free Lightroom Presets Portraits Innocence Pack:

#46 Free Lightroom Presets Wedding Photo
Install this bundle of Adobe Lightroom presets for portraits if you’re a wedding or event photographer. This is our most comprehensive collection of Lightroom presets for bridal portraits that is a good choice for amateurs.
#47 Free Lightroom Presets for Iphone
Do you specialize in baby portrait photography? This set of free Lightroom portrait presets is perfect for editing baby images to make them soft and clear very quickly.
#48 Lightroom Presets Fashion Portrait
This set of Lightroom free presets for portraits includes presets for any type or style of portraits – will it be indoor or street portraits, male or female models, etc. The best collection of portrait presets to have in your image color correction ‘toolbox’.
#49 Bright White Lightroom Presets Free
Use all the advantages of an HDR effect on your portraits. Perfect for shots with harsh bright backlight or low-light. Use this Lightroom portrait preset for enhancing portrait taken at the city background.
#50 Lightroom Landscape Presets Free
Make your outdoor portraits look amazing with these family portrait Lightroom presets. A huge selection of styles to choose from for the portraits taken in the woods or near the ocean.
#51 Free Lightroom Presets for Sports Photo
This is a universal collection of portrait presets taken at the street. This is the most successful choice is you photograph many travel portraits where the lighting is so changeable.
#52 Black & White Lightroom Presets Free
If you are looking for a huge collection of black and white portrait presets, make sure to add this bundle of portrait presets for Lightroom. We offer modern, classic, and artistic portrait presets that are perfect for all images.
#53 Lightroom Film Presets Free
Love the nostalgic look of film portrait photography? No need to go and buy a film camera if you have these beautiful film portrait presets. Give your portrait that trendy faded effect in a matter of seconds.
#54 Lightroom Presets Kickass Film
Trying to recreate the beautiful faded matte effect? Do it with just a few clicks having downloaded these free matte presets for portraits. Make your photos atmospheric and full of magic.

Free Lightroom presets for portraits have become truly popular thanks to many useful features. If you haven’t tried them yet, you have a great chance to learn the pros and cons of such Lr portrait presets and then decide if you want to download the bundle.

Why Should You Use Free Lightroom Portrait Presets

We can come up with a lot of reasons for that, but let’s look at some of the most important ones, time and quality. Time is our most valuable asset, and portrait photographers know its value. At a regular photoshoot, you take hundreds or even thousands of photographs. Depending on the quality of your camera and lens, they may need more or less enhancing. Having selected the photos, you want to return to your clients or keep in your portfolio, you will end up with hundreds of portraits to edit. Using Lightroom portrait presets is an amazing way to do this. And don’t forget about the Lightroom batch portrait editing feature to speed up the process even more!

Quality is something we want to get from every service or tool we use. Although the internet is full of various Lightroom presets for portraits, you need to sift through hundreds of low-quality ones. Here, at FixThePhoto, we make sure every single Lightroom portrait preset we create is of the highest quality, and that applies to all of our presets.

Depending on your particular vision, you may or may not further adjust the image, however, we are confident that with free Lightroom presets for portraits from FixThePhoto, you will get all the benefits for 100%.

Lightroom 4 Wedding Presets Free Download Windows 10

Download free Black and White Lightroom presets to add a stylish monochrome look on portrait, wedding, street, and studio portraits. Add incredible depth and personality to your images making any photo dramatic and moody. If you want to make your ordinary photos chic and romantic, use the Film Lr presets. They will help you instantly optimize your pictures, adjust poor colors, lighting, and get beautiful social media photography. Take your photos to another level with the help of the Matte Lightroom presets and make lighting washed out as if your portraits are printed on a matte paper.

Free Lightroom presets for portraits have become truly popular thanks to many useful features. If you haven’t tried them yet, you have a great chance to learn the pros and cons of such LR filters and then decide if you want to download the bundle.

Lightroom Portrait presets – Pros:

  • Speed up workflow
  • Instant effects
  • Batch image editing

Lightroom Portrait presets – Cons:

  • You may need to additionally improve the photo after you’ve applied portrait Lightroom presets

With our beautiful Lightroom presets for portraits, your pictures will look like never before. They have many advantages over other photo editing tools and filters that you have ever tried before.

You will see it for yourself once you download these free Lightroom presets for portraits and start using them for color correction. Your male and female portraits will become more expressive, interesting and appealing. They will simply draw everyone’s attention.

We offer professional Lightroom headshot presets for business photos, outdoor Lightroom presets for pictures taken at the Golden Hour, and Lightroom studio presets for your fashion photo projects.

With effects that these presets add, your portraits will be bright, prominent and emotional, your clients will not be able to take their eyes off of them.

Fast, qualitative and unusual. What can be better than that? Don’t miss your chance and download these family portrait Lightroom presets right now!

How to Install Lightroom Presets for Portraits?

Adobe Lr CC (or its earlier versions) is great for basic portrait enhancement and batch color improvement. To remove too distracting problems with color or to perform raw image editing you can use Lightroom portrait presets to make your task easy and efficient, especially if you need to do batch color correction for a short period of time.

  • Download Lightroom Free and you can try all the features of this amazing software before deciding to buy the subscription.

With our bundles of free Lightroom presets for portraits you will only need a couple of seconds to improve portraits. Just imagine how much time you are going to save! The great thing is that you can undo all the changes at any point.

You need to remember the following steps to install these or other Lightroom presets for portraits:

1. Download selected free Lightroom portrait presets and wait for them to arrive at your inbox as a .zip attachment. Archives contain .lrtemplate and .xmp files, which you need to unzip.

2. Start the software and import photos you want to improve (JPG or RAW files).

3. In the Develop Mode find the Preset Panel on the left. Click to add a new folder. This step is necessary to keep your portrait Lightroom presets in order.

4. Right-click on the folder you’ve just created and select Import.

Lightroom 4 Wedding Presets Free Download

5. In the window that opens up, select the Lightroom portrait presets you want to install and click Open. That’s it! Now you can start working on your portraits.

How to Use Portrait Lightroom Presets?

1. Move your mouse cursor over the preset to see how the portrait will be changed.

2. Choose the best Lightroom preset for portraits that you would like to apply (apply as many presets to one portrait as you wish).

Free Wedding Presets For Lightroom

Free Professional Lightroom Presets

3. With the help of Undo or Revert, you can restore the original photo.

Free Lightroom Presets For Children's Portraits

Video Tutorial on How to Use Lightroom Presets