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  • Affiliate Marketing project is a web application which is developed in PHP platform. This PHP project with tutorial and guide for developing a code. Affiliate Marketing is a open source you can Download zip and edit as per you need. If you want more latest PHP projects here. This is simple and basic level small project for learning purpose.

Click here to access the FREE guide. Today, we’re sharing a one-page marketing plan template to help you clarify your marketing goals and start achieving them. After all, planning is important—but planning without action is pointless. So let’s dive in. You can use the insights below to help you fill out our free one-page marketing template.

This is only a suggestive list for M. Com Projects. If you are interested in any of these or other projects, please call us or whatsapp us on 08801944144.
  • A Study on Commodity Trading & Investor Awareness
  • A Study on Commodity Trading With Special Reference to Gold & Silver
  • A Study on Comparative Analysis of Stock Broking Firms
  • A Study on Capital Budgeting
  • A Study on Corporate Governance
  • A Study on Currency Derivatives/Forex Market
  • A Study on Derivatives : Overview / Futures / Options
  • A Study on Dividend Policies
  • A Study on Equity Analysis : Automobile Sector
  • A Study on Equity Analysis : Finance & Banking Sector
  • A Study on Equity Analysis : Cement Sector
  • A Study on Equity Analysis : Energy & Power Sector
  • A Study on Equity Analysis : Metals & Steel Sectors
  • A Study on Equity Analysis : Pharma Sector
  • A Study on Equity Analysis : Telecom Sector
  • A Study on Equity Analysis : Technology Sector
  • A Study on Imports – Exports
  • A Study on Insurance As an Investment Strategy
  • A Study on Comparative Analysis of Unit Linked Insurance Plans
  • A Study on Comparative Analysis of Insurance Companies
  • A Study on Comparative Analysis of Home Loans
  • A Study on Comparative Analysis of Car Loans
  • A Study on Financial Performance Analysis of Specific Companies
  • A Study on Foreign Direct Investments
  • A Study on Foreign Exchange Markets
  • A Study on Initial Public Offerings
  • A Study on Investments in Financial Markets
  • A Study on Investment Avenues in India
  • A Study on Investment Pattern of Women Investors
  • A Study on Mergers & Acquisitions
  • A Study on Mutual Funds : Investor Awareness
  • A Study on Mutual Funds : Comparative Analysis
  • A Study on Comparative Study of Exchange Traded Funds Vs Gold Traded Funds
  • A Study on Online Trading
  • A Study on Portfolio Management
  • A Study on Project Finance
  • A Study on Retail Lending
  • A Study on Stock Index & Factors Affecting Share Prices
  • A Study on Share Broking Franchisee Business
  • A Study on Price Volatility in the Stocks of BSE
  • A Study on Price Volatility in the Stocks of NSE
  • A Study on Venture Capital
  • A Study on WTO
  • A Study on Financial Performance Analysis
  • A Study on Ratio Analysis of Specific Companies

WhatappBiz is a digital business card / vcard making & WhatsApp store script. Made with Laravel PHP. For this modern world we’re moving to latest trend and technologies. By the way of reducing papers. We moved to digital business card / digital vcard. It really new concept and help us to transform to digitalization. The major aspects are, these cards will be updatable at anytime and anywhere, Very easy to share, Compatible with all modern browsers, QR enabled and more and more.

On this COVID situation. all businesses are going to transform digitalization. So, Let’s move to modern technology. Start using digital vcards.

Main Features :

Marketing Project Free Download
  1. 45+ vCard Styles
  2. Light & Dark Themes
  3. Monthly, Yearly and Custom Subscription Packages
  4. WhatsApp Store
  5. Multiple Payment Gateways support
  6. Build in Laravel
  7. Multi-language with RTL Support (20+ Languages)
  8. Powerful Admin panel for controlling your site.
  9. SEO optimized
  10. Change currency
  11. Invoice & Tax
  12. Transaction History
  13. Fully customizable plans
  14. Share vCard
  15. 8 Colors for Website
  16. 8 Colors for vCard
  17. Easy to edit html (Blade) template files.
  18. Fully Responsive
  19. And more…

VCard Features :

  1. Personalized Links
  2. One-tap WhatsApp
  3. Save vCard
  4. Share QR Code
  5. QR Maker
  6. Customized Payment Details
  7. Customized Social Media Links
  8. Mobile Optimized
  9. Tap to Call Feature
  10. Tap to Email Feature
  11. Contact Details
  12. Profile Image with Cover Image
  13. Working Hours
  14. Best suitable for Personal and Business
  15. And more…

Payment Methods :

Scdl Project Report Marketing Free Download

  1. PayPal
  2. Stripe
  3. Razorpay
  4. Offline/Banking
Mba marketing project reports free downloadMarketing Project Free Download

Highlights :

Marketing project free download 64 bit windows 10

Mba Marketing Research Project Report Free Download

  1. SAAS Enabled
  2. Clean Code
  3. Quick Support
  4. Ready to launch
  5. Developer Friendly Structure