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Download links for MySQL GUI Tools 5.0-r17. MySQL GUI Tools 5.0-r17 (16.88MB). Includes three important MySQL utilities: MySQL Administrator, MySQL Migration Toolkit and MySQL Query Browser. Download Mysql Gui Windows Software. MySQL GUI Tools v.5.0-r17 This is the MySQL GUI Tools Bundle for 5.0. Change the MySQL Tools destination folder, e.g.: C: tools MySQL Tools for 5.0 and press Next button. Select setup type 'Complete' and press Next button. The wizard is ready to begin installation, press Install button. When the wizard is finished, press the Next button twice. The wizard is completed, press the Finish button.

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Mysql Gui Tools 5.0 Download For Windows 7

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MySQL GUI Tools for 5.0 Release 15 for Windows released
Posted by: Mike Lischke
Date: December 10, 2008 04:43AM

Dear MySQL users,
right on time for year's end there is a new release of the popular MySQL GUI Tools package. With this release we also changed our source code management system and published all code on We are now using Bazaar (as we do for MySQL Workbench development) which allows decentralized development. The reason why we did it is that we want to let the community play a bigger part in the maintenance process of our GUI tools. You can now easily clone the branches using the built-in Launchpad plugin that comes with the Bazaar client using these commands:
bzr branch lp:mysql-administrator
bzr branch lp:mysql-querybrowser
bzr branch lp:mysql-migrationtool
bzr branch lp:mysql-gui-common
This direct access also makes it unnecessary to provide separate source packages, thus we will not update them anymore. All the GUI tools Launchpad projects are part of the MySQL super project which you can find at They are mirrored from our main trees and you can use Launchpad to propose patches for merging which we will apply to the trees if they successfully go through our review. For bug reports we will continue to use the MySQL bug tracker.
In the GUI common folder there is now a file ('!How to build GUI tools.txt') which describes in detail what you need and how to build the GUI tools. Currently it contains only steps needed on Windows, so those for Linux and Mac still must be added yet.
For this release you can find the change log below. For those wanting to know more about the GUI tools in general a short description follows, which includes download and documentation links.
Bug fixes:
- Bug #35238 MySQL Query Browser crashes during export to Excel
- Bug #35382 Lock tables does not work - not even while using FLUSH TABLES WITH...
- Bug #29321 access violation / thread_cache_size
- Fixed reverse-engineering problem with Oracle databases related to access to (outdated) ANALYSE_SCHEMA function.
- Migrated repositories from Subversion to Bazaar, solved issues due to missing files caused by subversion export.
- Reworked connection handling in Query Browser such that each tab page has now a persistent connection (used by all result set grids, explain pane, master-detail, compare etc. on that page). This allows for the use of connection specific features like user variables, without the need to start a transaction.
- Server ping happens now in a keep-alive-thread to avoid freezing the UI when the server disappears.
- Improved detection of manual transaction changes.
- Added detailed 'How to build GUI tools' file (currently with description for Windows only).
- All 4 repositories (MySQL Administrator, MySQ Query Browser, MySQL Migration Toolkit, GUI common) are now mirrored on
MySQL GUI Tools for 5.0 is a bundled package including MySQL GUI tools for the MySQL 4.1/5.0/5.1 Server. It consists of the following products
MySQL Administrator 1.2.15 GA
MySQL Query Browser 1.2.15 GA
MySQL Migration Toolkit 1.1.15 GA
and offers a complete set of graphical tools to configure, manage and work with the MySQL Server.
GUI Tools package download page
GUI Tools manuals as PDF or CHM in english, greek, italian, portuguese, russian, spanish or ukrainian, or as HTML for online reading
Mike Lischke, MySQL Developer Tools
Oracle Corporation
MySQL Workbench on Github:
On Twitter:
On Slack: (#workbench)
Report bugs to
MySQL documentation can be found here:


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MySQL GUI Tools for 5.0 Release 15 for Windows released

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