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Everyone's favorite sailor has somehow made it on to the Game Boy. That's right - now you can revel in the idea of Popeye in your pocket! The game comes out when arcade-games are all the rage - and the host console is taking addictive gaming to new heights. So why not through the adventures of the Sailor Man into the mix?

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The irony of this game is that it never saw a Western release, despite its origins from America. Popeye must have been a popular character in Japan to justify this game as a country-only distribution. Not many people really have been exposed to the Game Boy game - so we can delve into it and tell you what it's all about.

Save the Swee'Pea!

Like most games of the early 90s, mechanics are limited to the basics. But that's not to say that in today's overly complex gameplay standards, Popeye isn't fun. The game is an arcade approach with a difference in the boxed hardware one of the early 80s - this time, you'll be navigating through a maze to boast your robustness.

Naturally, you'll control the sailor with the goal in mind of saving baby Swee'Pea. Popeye will traverse the maze - collecting hearts and - surprise, surprise - Olive Oyl. Once you've collected enough pieces and your gal - the location of Swee'Pea will present itself where you are to finalize your mission and collect her.

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All is not that simple, however. The traditional foe Bluto is also wandering around to hinder your gracious search for the baby. Should you run into him - a fistfight will initiate where you are expected to bash the living daylights out of him. The original style of button mashing, what can be argued! Failing to beat Bluto will result in time lost and losing Olive Oyl. He'll also throw more enemies around the map, just be even more annoying.

With the addition of Wimpy dropping burgers around the maze to present obstacles - Popeye is actually quite challengings. It's simple in stature - both in visuals and mechanics - but there is a rewarding game there. It's not easy to complete, and you really have to think about what you're doing to save the baby Swee'Pea. It's by no means revolutionary - but palatable as a game.

Popeye Game Free Download

It's Not Spinach, But It Will Do

It's understandable why Popeye never got a Western release - it's entertaining but not groundbreaking. The golden age of gaming was beginning to see some bound-smashing titles in the West. This was certainly not one of them. Popeye is more like a slower version of Pacman with more tailored visuals.

The game is perfectly adaptable to a portable console, however. Whenever you have a few moments to kill, Popeye is very accessible to play for a minute or a few hours - with every challenge being embraced upon the way. It's one of those offerings that keep you occupied but doesn't represent your cognitive skill particularly well.


  • Engaging with the various challenges it presents
  • Working basic collection mechanics into a good playthrough
  • Adaptable to how much time you are willing to spend in the game


  • Visuals are basic
  • Running into Bluto can get incredibly frustrating
  • Not much variation in gameplay
Overall rating: 7