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FreeQlik has finally released the new version of its business intelligence platform, QlikView 12. The major change in the QlikView 12 compared to QlikView 11 (which was released in 2011) is the data engine. QlikView now uses the same QIX Associative Data Indexing Engine (QIX) that powers Qlik Sense.
Other than the data engine improvement, QlikView also has enhancements in its security and mobile experience. All functions on web client are now available on touch devices without limitations. Other changes are improved clustering, native connectors to web services and accessibility of Data Market to QlikView.Qlikview 12 Free Download
Qlik has released a new platform, Qlik Sense, in September 2014, after two years without any major release and the release date of QlikView 12 was since awaited by existing users of the platform.
The last major release of QlikView was QlikView 11 released in 2011. Since the company was releasing a new version in every year the expectation was that Qlik (then called QlikTech) would release QlikView 12

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in 2012. But QlikView 12 has not been been released or talked about until late 2015.
In early 2013, Qlik started to talk about a new platform called QlikView.Next. It was expected to be the next QlikView but Qlik released the desktop edition of the product in 2014 and renamed it to Qlik Sense.
QlikView.Next is renamed as Qlik Sense because it is not the next version of QlikView. It is a new business intelligence platform. Its data loading and cleansing engine and expression engine seems to be same as QlikView but front end is entirely different:
QlikView is a tool for situations where you want prepared business applications, i.e. applications created by developers who put a lot of thought into the data model, the layout, the charts and the formulae; and deliver the applications to end-users who consume the applications. We call this Guided Analytics. The end-user has total freedom to explore data, select, drill down and navigate in the information, and can this way discover both questions and answers in the data. The end-user is however limited when it comes to creating new visualizations. This type of situation will without doubt be common for many, many years to come.

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Qlik Sense is a tool for situations where you don’t want to pre-can so much. Instead you want the user to have the freedom to create a layout of his own and in it, new visualizations; charts that the developer couldn’t imagine that the user wants to see. You want Self-service data discovery, which means a much more active, modern, engaged user. In addition, Qlik Sense is much easier to use when you have a touch screen, and is adaptive to different screen sizes and form factors. On the whole, Qlik Sense is a much more modern tool.
Source : QlikView and Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense is not QlikView 12. In fact, Qlik Sense is not QlikView at all.

My estimation was that they would release a new QlikView version named QlikView 12. And I was hopefully this new server will support both QlikView and Qlik Sense as front end. For example Access Point of QlikView 12 would display both QlikSense and QlikView applications. I wrote since both Qlik Sense and QlikView have common expression and data engine, it should not be difficult'. It seems like this feature is not on the roadmap at all.

The QlikDownload Site provides the files you need to install and upgrade Qlik products. You also find release notes and other documentation here.

Use the filters to find the files you need. For example, filter on File Function to search for release notes. If you are looking for installation files, select a specific release and set File Function to Installation program. Installation files can have extension .exe, .msi, .zip, or .tar.z.

The following illustration shows an example from the Download Site. The available files have been filtered on product, release, and function. In this case, it shows all available installation files for Qlik Sense release April 2020. The result is two files, Qlik_Sense_setup.exe for installations and Qlik_Sense_Update.exe for updates.

Downloading files

Qlikview Version 12

Do the following:

Qlikview 12 Personal Edition Free Download

  1. Go to the Qlik website.
  2. In the top right, click Log In. Log in with a registered customer or partner account.
  3. In the main menu, go to Support > Downloads.
  4. Click Get Started.
  5. In the main menu, select your product under one of the categories Data Analytics, Value Added Products, or Data Integration.
  6. Use the left-hand filters to narrow your list of possible downloads.

    Tip: Once you have a list of results, you can sort it by column. For example, to find the most recent file, sort by Last Modified. Right-click the column header, click Sort, and then double-click the arrow that appears next to the header.
  7. Click a file to start the download.