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Seventeen years ago, three-year-old Anthony and four-year-old Maurice died in Dade County, Florida. Their mother worked to support her family but her income was too low to pay for child care. Since she qualified for government help she was put on Florida’s long waiting list for child care assistance, a list with 22,000 names. While waiting she relied on friends and relatives to care for the children. Some days those arrangements fell through and the boys were left alone while she went to work. On one such day, Maurice and Anthony climbed into the clothes dryer to look at a magazine in a seemingly cozy place, closed the door, and tumbled and burned to death. The
Miami Herald
wrote, “There are hundreds, maybe thousands more tragedies waiting to happen in Dade County alone, in every home where young children are left to fend for themselves. They’re not latchkey kids, they’re lockup kids, locked inside for the day by parents who can’t afford day care, can’t afford not to work and can’t get government assistance. Anthony and Maurice might be alive today if affordable care had been available.”
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