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If you want to add a shortcut on your home screen to your Downloads folder or any other folder for that matter get ASTRO File Manager (free).The app is pretty useful on it's own, but it also adds the option to create a shortcut directly to any folder on the homescreen.

  1. Shortcut App For Android Free Download Latest Version

Computer keyboard shortcut keys are shortcut instructions via keyboard foe performing different instruction what we generally do by tapping on windows using mouse. With the help of shortcuts you can manage to work without the use mouse and increase the speed of your computer operation by using keyboards only.

There are multiple all short cut keys and these are all taught in computer training classes only. But remembering them all at once can be really troublesome. The app Computer keyboard shortcut keys will help you to remember and access all the keyboard shortcuts at one go. It is a utility app that you can use without any prior computer training, but your knowledge about keyboard shortcut keys will be always at par.

How the shortcut keys help?

In one word, it saves time and helps in acquiring excellent command over keyboard and relayed computer operation. With these all computer shortcuts, you will get to operate computer without using the mouse. Using computer will be more efficient and quick with this all shortcut keys app at your ready access.

  • App Shortcut Maker is an Android app that makes it super-easy to further extend the usefulness of your Android home screen. It does this by giving users the power to make a shortcut of any app.
  • QuickShortcutMaker is a very simple application that does exactly what its name suggests: create shortcuts on the desktop of your Android device. You can create shortcuts to applications as well as processes and activities. This means that you can create a shortcut to WhatsApp.
  • Siine Shortcut Keyboard is a tool that helps users type faster on their Android keyboard. With the help of a series of keyboard shortcuts that will make your life just that little bit easier. The application works perfectly with any other app that uses text.

Memorizing all the computer shortcut keys can be hectic. But with the app computer all shortcut keys installed on your mobile, you will get to see the index and the function of the each short keys available for use. Its easy, funny, and matter of random access via the app absolutely free of cost.

Some of the list of computer all shortcut keys via the keyboard:

Basic Shortcut Keys For Mac OS and Windows

MS Office Shortcut :(MS-WORD, MS-EXCEL, MS-POWERPOINT, MS Access, Outlook), Tally Shortcut, Photoshop Shortcut, Page Maker Shortcut

MS Paint Shortcut

WordPad Shortcut

Windows Run Shortcut


Notepad shortcut

Apple computer shortcut

Function keys shortcut

Mozilla Firefox shortcut

Internet Explorer shortcut

Special Characters shortcut (ASCII Code)

Notepad++ shortcut

Adobe Flash shortcut

DOS commands shortcut


Chrome Shortcut keys

PHOTOSHOP shortcut for MAC OS

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Corel Draw

Adobe Page Maker

Color code

Chat Symbol

Download the app Computer keyboard shortcut keys and learn all in one shortcuts of computer in a friendly way. Be a shortcut keys master at completely free of cost. It will not only save your time it will help you to gain better command on your computer operation.

Shortcut App For Android Free Download

Shortcut App For Android Free Download Latest Version

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