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Why shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars for a digital image when you can just download it for free?

That’s the message behind a new site that has made thousands of non-fungible tokens — or NFTs — available to download for free. Paying homage to torrent site The Pirate Bay, the NFT Bay has assembled a vast collection of images of NFTs in a bid to show the absurdity of the digital art craze.

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Proponents of NFTs the one-of-a-kind, verifiable digital assets that traded on blockchain technology are innovative ways to trade digital images and allow artists to cash in on their work.

But critics argue that, at the end of the day, they’re just images on screens surrounded by a culture of “get rich quick” schemes and scamming.

“What people are buying when purchasing NFT art right now is nothing more then directions on how to access or download an image,” said Geoffrey Huntley, the nomadic Australian artist behind the site, which he calls an “educational art project.”

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The NFT Bay contains 17 terabytes worth of NFTs that equate to billions of dollars in sales, according to its founder.

The project comes after a series of NFT-related scams.

In one September incident, an employee at the $1.5 billion Mark Cuban-backed NFT marketplace OpenSea was busted buying certain digital art pieces just before they were about to be displayed on the marketplace’s homepage, boosting their value.

Volunteer Images free. download full

And in October, investors spent millions on a series of “Evolved Ape” NFTs by an anonymous developer that suddenly disappeared with $2.7 million worth of crypto, Vice reported in October.

“The greed/scamming going on is sickening,” said Huntley.

On Twitter, NFT critics praised the project.

“More than anything else I’ve seen or read, this torrent may finally disabuse anyone of the notion that NFTs have inherent value,” wrote one user.

“Sell your NFTs everyone; the party is O V E R !” said another.

Are you willing to recognize the efforts of volunteers who regularly use to contribute in your NGO? If yes, it is indeed a novel idea. Such people deserve appreciation as well as recognition, and what can be more apt than a volunteer certificates!

I know that designing a volunteer certificate of appreciation is a tough job more so if you don’t have any prior knowledge in designing or have no idea or even source to get some inspiration for your designing. After all, I don’t believe that everyone is a skilled designer and must know graphic designing to create professional looking certificates.

Volunteer images free download

Well, you don’t have to think much as I am here to help you in this regard. You are reading the right post as you will quickly have an idea of the volunteer certificate format after going through the entire post. You will be yourself amazed that you can design a beautiful volunteer certificate by using just Microsoft Word.

Here, you will get every possible help that too step by step to learn the tricks of designing a volunteer certificate. Imagine the number of bucks that will get saved when you will present the certificates without hiring any professional designing services.

Let’s have a look…

Free Volunteer Certificates

Know about volunteer certificate wording

Since, you are now gearing up yourself to create a stunning volunteer certificate; you must have a concrete idea about the volunteer certificate wording. Words should be simple and yet, effective so that when they were put in the certificate, any onlooker can understand that you are recognizing the time and efforts of a specific individual who has worked as a volunteer in your organization.

Let’s learn about the wordings.

First you need to have a clear idea in your mind about some of the following things:

  • Who is the recipient? This means what is the name of the volunteer
  • What is the name of the award? Even if there is no specific name, it is not a problem. You can skip this part easily
  • Name of your organization. You can also put a logo of your organization along with your organization name.
  • Day, month and year on which you are going to present the award to the volunteer
  • Reason for the award. This can be hard work, efforts or investment of invaluable time, or even a more specific one like volunteering for answering phone calls and photocopying in your organization.

But wait there’s more,

You need to begin writing for your volunteer certificate by some specific wordings like Volunteer award, Volunteer appreciation certificate, Best Volunteer Certificate, Outstanding Volunteer Certificate, and so on as a heading.


You need to write something traditional like-

  • Presented to
  • This is to certify that
  • To honor to

Then, you have to write the recipient’s/volunteer’s name. Here, volunteer name should be in large font size relative to the rest of the text except the heading. In short, you should be careful that any person with a quick glance can know the name of the volunteer who has received the certificate.

How to design a volunteer certificate using Microsoft Word

To design a volunteer certificate in Microsoft Word, you need to follow all the steps that I have specified in few of my earlier posts. When the certificate is complete, you need to make sure; there are plenty of white spaces so that it does not look cluttered. Also, make sure to put an empty space for signature, date, month, year, volunteer’s name, and your organization name. By default, in most volunteer certificates, signature is at the bottom in one corner.

Volunteer Images Clip Art

You can download images from the web that are suitable to include in your certificate. Confused? Go through the volunteer certificates that I have posted on this page and get some inspiration. The images should be of good resolution. They may be colored or black and white as per your preference.

Even if, at going through all the certificates that I have posted, you think it is pretty time consuming to create a volunteer certificate from scratch, you can make use of my certificates as a template. All my volunteer certificates are downloadable and editable in Microsoft Word. Just click on the download button and save it on your computer.

It’s true

Edit the certificate in terms of font color, font type, images or background color and get it printed on a quality certificate paper. The market is flooded with granite paper, parchment paper, and much more to print certificates.

Why it is important to recognize volunteers

You might be thinking that why to put enormous efforts to give recognition to the volunteers participating in your program. Well, it is because by recognizing their efforts, you can ACTUALLY retain them for a long time. They will feel more connected to your program irrespective of its type like blood donation program, elderly care program or a school volunteer program.


I will strongly suggest that there is no need to wait till the last date of that volunteer’s work in your program or any annual event that you are going to organize to recognize any of your deserving volunteers.

You can appreciate them any day while they are doing the volunteering to motivate them and boost their confidence. This can be done by giving a simple ‘Thank You’ note, a greeting card, and a certificate or even by making a personal phone call.

Volunteer Images Free Download Images

When one make a decision to become a volunteer, it is often because of inner voice. In many cases, a person show willingness to provide his or her professional expertise for the benefit of others who are less fortunate and such people certainly deserves praise and recognition. This motivates them to do volunteering even more and also encourage others who have still not thought of becoming a volunteer. If you run a NGO and want to recognize people who offer volunteer work for a noble cause, these volunteer certificates can help you a lot as these certificates are elegantly designed and are eye-catching.

We hope, you have loved our little collection and will also make use of the same by downloading any one of these with a single click.

Thank You Volunteer Images

I am sure that after reading my post, you will feel more confident to create your own volunteer certificate and to present the same to a volunteer or volunteers who are really working hard and are dedicated in serving the humanity.