We Become What We Behold Download Pc

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An Android port of Nicky Case's original game!

See it here! https://ncase.itch.io/wbwwb

WE BECOME WHAT WE BEHOLDa game about news cycles, vicious cycles, infinite cycles

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This silly game by Nicky Case was ported by me, Johnsen Magsino, in five hours!

Ported using Android Studio.

PublisherJohnsen Magsino
AuthorJohnsen290 Games
Made withLightweight Java Game Library
Tagsandroid, nicky-case, Singleplayer, wbwwb, we-become-what-we-behold
Average sessionA few minutes


WBWWB French/Français (Updated/Mise à jour).apk7 MB
  • WE BECOME WHAT WE BEHOLD. A game about news cycles, vicious cycles, infinite cycles. This silly game was created by me, Nicky Case, in two months! Here's my wobsite, my tweeter, and if you'd like to. Buy me a pumpkin spice latte, my patreon. Thank you so much for playing!
  • However, the events you capture will affect the community. We Become What We Behold. We Become What We Behold is free and fun game that we hand picked for PlayMyGame. Play this game online on PC, Mobile and Tablets, no download required. 91% of players who played this game liked it. This is one of many puzzle games that we offer on PlayMyGame.

Development log

  • Orientation fix update!
    Dec 22, 2019
  • Important!
    Dec 10, 2019

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Loved this game so much, great idea with such a simple gameplay mechanic.

Keep Creating!!

It's short and simple, but deep, but Nicky Case is the genius who made it, I do make my own games so check them out on Gamejolt!

it should work on Android 4.4

(it works on others so I have no idea why it will not work.)

And the only real unofficial port compared to others who tried to cashgrab and put a lot of ads in it and there's no actual game. (frick 'em)


I'm surprised this game has a port for mobile devices

it's unofficial, but I just want the game to be on mobiles too so I ported it, and stop the other bootleg WBWWB games which is not actually a game, just ads.

There's no such thing on the original, I just ported it to Android, I have nothing to do with this.

Good game! I played the original, but if anyone wants to get a quick look at the game here it is

I just play your game. Its great, can you make another game that potrait another real life problem again??

First of all, this is not my game, Nicky Case is the one that made the game (you should support him), and I'm the one who just ported it to Android, and second, I'm not that great when it comes to wordplay and story compared to him, that he can send the message in a few minutes while playing his games, but I might, I have no plans for this type of games right now, as I have a few games that I want to develop right now before this, follow me on GameJolt or just visit me there https://gamejolt.com/@Johnsen290-Games so you can download my other games (they're not available at itch.io at the moment, but maybe I'll post them here in the future.)

Das geht bei mir immer noch nd... das steht das das nicht geht für mein handy...?

i have no idea what's the problem, it should work, what's your phone?

Very cute game but I don't like the ending, it's scares me :(

ehh, this is supposed to reflect on the social media right now where negativity ensues, and bad things get viral on the internet.

How you create a download link?

I also make games and in my game people doesn't can download my game

uhh, i can download your games, you just publish the game

uh, i don't understand, yes, this game is free just like the original by nicky case

Thanks, but I only ported it.

Nicky Case is the one that developed it.

I seriously didnt expect hat guy to be the one to start the chaos lmao

Errm its okay if u dont do this but i think The Tagalog translation should be called Filipino since Tagalog are only a part of the Philippines not the whole.

Français : Est-ce que vous comptez faire le jeu en français ?

English : Are you going to play the game in French?

hmm, what do you mean?

Translate it to french? If there is one on github, I might.

We Become What We Behold Download Pc

French/Français : D'accord, désolé pour l'attente puisque je me concentre sur les jeux que j'ai créés sur GameJolt (https://gamejolt.com/@Johnsen290-Games) et que je me suis distrait mais c'est maintenant disponible! (Notez également que certains textes ne correspondent pas du tout à l'écran en raison de la longueur du texte en raison de votre langue, mais ce n'est pas grave car c'est bien si vous êtes dans le jeu lui-même.)

English : Okay, sorry for the wait since I'm focusing on games I made on GameJolt (https://gamejolt.com/@Johnsen290-Games) and got distracted but it's now available!

(Also a note, some texts do not fit the screen at all due to length of the text due to your language, but it's not a big deal since it's fine if you're in the game itself.)

Je ne suis pas français, j'ai utilisé Google Translate.

I am not a French, I used Google Translate.

Its pretty fun actually and a great idea 😆👌🏼

Also showing how tv affect reality is genius😊

Yes, it's pretty accurate but Nicky Case is the one that's genius. I only ported it to Android by myself.

oh.. :) can you help me then? 😂 because iam currentlymaking a game and want to post it on android.. but it says to me that jdk was not found and i dont know what to do. *i installed unity android from unity hub*

We Become What We Behold Game Download

Wait, I'm not really a coder, I just took a code from a tutorial, and added it to my game.

The game itself is pretty easy to port since the game is open source, and I have the source code.

It was pretty easy to port HTML games (if you have the source code) and via the webview method, it worked pretty well.

Well about that 'jdk was not found', I think you don't have JDK (Java Development Kit) installed, and for an Android app, you will need Java to export it. (and as well Gradle.)

I assumed you used Unity? Don't really have experience with it, and not yet a coder.

I'm using Clickteam Fusion for now.

You may consider looking at these (it has Gradle exporting guide and stuff, and you need it for an Android app)



We Become What We Behold Download Pc

oh ok thanks anyways i will see some solution on google ^-^