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Windows 11 will start rolling out to eligible devices today, but not everyone will get it right away. The free update brings plenty of new features, complete with a new start menu, widgets and a refreshed interface. Even the Microsoft Store is getting a big update (though don't expect to see Android apps right away).

Windows, Windows 2000, Windows 2000 Pro, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows Installation Disk. This ISO comes from a real Windows 2000 Installation Disk that I made into a ISO file. The Product Key is RM233 - 2PRQQ - FR4RH - JP89H - 46QYB. MacOS Monterey 12 ISO File for VMware Workstation, VirtualBox, ESXi, or Mac. Apple officially released the macOS Monterey 12 operating system, which it introduced at WWDC on June 7, 2021, on October 25, 2021. Users can download Monterey, which is a minor update compared to the previous Big Sur version, on their computers for free. This evaluation virtual machine includes: Window 11 Enterprise (evaluation) Visual Studio 2022 with the UWP,.NET Desktop, Azure, and Windows App SDK for C# workloads enabled. Windows Subsystem for Linux enabled with Ubuntu installed. Developer mode enabled. Windows Terminal installed.

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Launches are bound to run into issues and bugs. Sometimes, those issues may force you to reinstall Windows 11. An easy way of doing that is by using a USB installation drive that has a copy of Windows 11 on it. With the update safely stored on a flash drive, you can reinstall it at any time, should any issues get bad enough that your only option is to reinstall the update.

You can also use a USB drive to make it easier to install Windows 11 on multiple computers, or to quickly set up a virtual machine to make testing possible without risking your personal data.

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Microsoft has updated its Media Creation Tool to include Windows 11. You can download the ISO image straight from the source and flash to a USB drive yourself.

To create a Windows 11 installation drive, you'll need an empty 8GB USB drive, a Windows PC and up to a few hours of your time. You can download the system image using a Linux computer or Mac, but we're going to focus on using a PC for this guide. Below are the steps you'll need to follow.

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Download the latest Windows 11 ISO from Microsoft

To download the Windows 11 ISO image you'll need to create a USB bootable drive. First, visit the Download Windows 11 page. You'll see a few other options for installation, but you're looking for Download Windows 11 Disk Image (ISO).

Scroll down the page until you see a dropdown labeled Select Download. Click the dropdown and then select Windows 11, then click Download. Next you'll be asked to select a language, then click Confirm again, followed by clicking on the 64-bit Download button to finally begin downloading the ISO. It's a fairly large file at 5.1GB, so depending on your internet connection, it may take some time for the download to finish.


Once the download finishes, your work isn't completely done. You need to burn that ISO image onto a USB drive. And to do that, you'll need some extra software. Don't worry, though, it's an easy process.

How to flash Windows 11 to your USB drive

To turn a standard USB drive into an installation drive, you'll need to use a program called Rufus. It's the same app that Microsoft itself uses in its guide for creating a Windows 10 bootable drive. Visit the company's website to download and install Rufus, which should only take a few seconds. It's a small program.

Plug in your USB drive and open Rufus. Select your USB drive using the Device dropdown. Remember, anything on your thumb drive will be erased during this process -- so make sure it's empty or you have everything you need off of it.

Under Boot Selection select Disk or ISO image and then click on the text that reads SELECT and pick the ISO file you created in the previous step.

There's a section in Rufus labeled Image option with several different settings -- leave everything as the default. The same can be said for format options unless you want to change the name of the USB drive to something like 'Windows 11 install' or along those lines.

Click Start when you're sure all of the options are set. You'll again have to wait while the program does its job, but it should be a much quicker process than downloading and creating the ISO. It took just over 15 minutes on a Surface Pro X for me.

What to do with a Windows 11 installation drive

Once Rufus finishes, you can remove the USB drive from your PC and either keep it somewhere safe in case you need to reinstall Windows 11 on your PC, or you can plug it into another PC and use it to install Windows 11 by opening the drive and double-clicking the setup.exe file. A few seconds later, a Windows 11 installation screen will appear, walking you through the rest of the process.

Alternatively, you can try and use the USB drive as a bootable installation drive. However, this is where things get even more complicated, due to Windows 11 requiring Secure Boot, and the USB drive we just created not being compatible with that feature. I suggest waiting for Microsoft to release an official tool, but if you insist, I found a guide that walks you through the extra steps of making a bootable USB drive that's compatible with secure boot on Tom's Hardware, starting at step 11.

Curious what all the fuss is about Windows 11? We have your back. There's a big interface redesign making its debut that includes a centered Start menu, but don't worry, you can move it back to the left corner if you want. And, finally, if you've ever had the desire to use Android apps on your PC, well, Microsoft is making that possible.

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The last update provided by Microsoft for Windows Vista was the Windows Vista SP2 update. Download Windows Vista ISO files all editions completely free from Softgets with the download links provided below.

Windows Vista was a new generation of Microsoft operating systems after Windows XP, that, after years of waiting and spending billions of dollars, Microsoft finally launched its final version on January 30, 2007, worldwide.

After Windows XP Microsoft release windows vista which is the best operating system effort for PCs. It is possible to optimize its performance for different users. This version is a powerful combination of all the new features and improved versions of Windows XP which they did not cover. So it will have the capabilities of both Windows XP and Windows Vista’s cool features. In addition, special tools have been added to build podcast as well as new game features. There is also an online service called the club. These features give users special access to music and videos.

Windows Vista comes in 7 versions with different capabilities, like Windows Vista Started Edition, Windows Vista Home Basic Edition, Windows Vista Premium Edition, Windows Vista Professional Edition, Windows Vista Small Business Edition, Windows Vista Enterprise Edition, and Windows Vista Ultimate Edition which is the last and complete version of Windows Vista with lots of cool and amazing features specially for personal business and networking works.

We will describe all the version of Windows Vista for each edition in this article if you need to get more information about Windows Vista, you should continue reading this article. But in case if you are looking for the setup files to download and install windows vista on a virtual machine or a real physical computer, you can download Windows Vista ISO files, of all versions from the download section below.

Download Windows Vista ISO Image File

Windows Vista Multi Edition/All in One included, Windows Vista Starter, Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Business, and Windows Vista Ultimate Edition. With Service Pack 2 update. both versions are compressed in a single file as ISO image.

Windows Vista All In One ISO


License: Free Trial

Language: English

File Size: 3.59GB (64-bit) 3.02GB (32-bit)


Windows Vista Ultimate ISO


Windows 12 Iso Os Download Windows 10

License: Free Trial

Language: English

File Size: 3.33GB (64-bit) 2.59GB (32-bit)


Windows Vista Enterprise ISO


License: Free Trial

Language: English

File Size: 2.98GB (64-bit) 2.25GB (32-bit)


Windows Vista Business ISO


License: Free Trial

Language: English

File Size: 2.79GB (64-bit) 2.09GB (32-bit)


Windows Vista Starter ISO


License: Free Trial

Language: English

Windows 12 Iso Os Download 32-bit

File Size: 2.46GB (32-bit)


Windows Vista Editions

Windows Vista was Microsoft’s Major operating systems release after Microsoft Windows XP. Windows Vista is available in 6 different versions. Windows Vista was the first Microsoft operating system to be sold in a digital marketplace.

  • Windows Vista Starter Edition
  • Windows Vista Home Basic Edition
  • Windows Vista Home Premium Edition
  • Windows Vista Business Edition
  • Windows Vista Enterprise Edition
  • Windows Vista Ultimate Edition

Windows Vista Key Features

1: Windows Vista Start Menu

Windows Vista’s start menu has been given a completely new look. Navigating through the apps has gotten much easier and the search box is amazingly helpful. Basically, you can search for anything and it will show the most relevant results regarding your search. these search results are pretty accurate and relatively fast too.

2: Windows Vista Windows Browser

With the new windows browser, users now can navigate through files and folders easily. with the navigation tab on the left, you can easily navigate through to any of the drives you want. easily move files and folder from one drive to another. A search box has been added to the windows explorer where you can search for any type of file located on your computer.

3: Windows Internal Search Engine

Windows Vista is now equipped with a search bar which is quite fast and useful. with the new search box feature, you don’t need to look through to find the settings you want. Just type the name of the setting and windows will automatically bring up any related result to your search term.

4: Beautiful Aero graphic view

Windows Aero has also been added to the window’s new looks that give Windows a new look. Windows Aero remained just limited to Windows Vista and Windows 7 but the interface and the user experience of the new Windows Aero is definitely a huge improvement over Windows XP’s “Luna” theme. With windows aero, the complete layout for Windows is changed, even the icons and the three close minimize and maximize are not the same anymore.

5: Live preview of windows

With Windows Aero, the complete layout of the windows has been changed. The taskbar has also been changed, it has gotten a new look to it. The icons have also been changed. Another change that has been made is that now you get a preview of the window whenever you hover your cursor over to open programs.

6: Open Programs Navigation

You can easily switch between programs using the shortcuts Alt+Tab and actually have a preview of the window. This concept lets you easily switch to the specific windows you want. You can also use this feature to quickly get a preview of any ongoing activity just to check their progress and get back to what you were doing before.

7: Windows Flip 3d

With Windows Vista, they also introduced another way of switching through open programs. By Holding down Windows key+ Tab, you can now get a preview of all the open windows in a 3D manner and see the contents of each window. By pressing CTRL+Windows Key+Tab you can scroll through the flip 3D windows without holding down the buttons.

8: Windows Sidebar

With the new windows sidebar, you now have access to a lot of useful features on your desktop. You can now check the weather report, clock, notepad, photo viewer, CPU and RAM usage, Newsreader and even to Windows Media Center. There is also a puzzle game on the windows sidebar that you can play whenever you’re bored.

9: Internet Explorer 7

With the release of Windows Vista, Internet Explorer 7 was also introduced. The new explorer made internet surfing even more enjoyable. The new update to internet explorer has fixed multiple compatibility issues and you don’t have to worry about like pictures not displaying. The overall performance of the explorer has also been improved.

10: DirectX 10

Windows Vista is also packed with the new DirectX 10 that happens to be a great improvement in terms of gaming or other graphical processing.

Windows 12 Iso 64 Bit

11: Windows Defender

Microsoft added another great feature to Windows Vista which is the Windows Defender. The new Windows Defender helps protect your computer against any malicious attack. The good thing about this program is that it receives constant updates and is totally free. Windows defender is also considered one of the best antivirus programs.

Windows Vista System Requirements:

The minimum requirements for Windows Vista are as follows:

  • Pentium 4 equivalent (800MHZ or faster) 1GHz is recommended.
  • 512 MB of RAM although 1 GB is recommended.
  • A DirectX 9 graphics card compatible
  • 15GB of Disk space
  • Super VGA with (800 x 600) resolution
  • Sound Card

The recommended requirement for Windows Vista are as follows:

  • Pentium 4 equivalent to (1GHz or faster).
  • 1 GB of RAM is required
  • A DirectX 9 graphics card compatible with Windows Aero compatibility.
  • 20 GB of disk space
  • Super VGA with (800 x 600) resolution
  • Sound Card

How to Download Windows Vista ISO

The download process for Windows Vista is simple. Just click on the download button for the most suitable Windows Vista edition provided in both (32-Bit & 64-Bit). Once successfully downloaded copy the files into a bootable USB Flash drive or burn it onto a CD/DVD. Boot into the Operating system by restarting your computer and click install Windows Vista.

Windows 12 Download Full Version

How to install Microsoft Windows Vista

The installation of Windows Vista is much easier than Windows XP. Once you have downloaded Windows Vista Iso files, read our article on How to install Microsoft Windows Vista.

Microsoft Windows Vista: Windows Vista ISO Download Completely Free

  • Developer: Microsoft
  • License: Free Trial
  • Language: English
  • File Size: 2.4GB – 3.6GB
  • Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Program Class: Operating System (OS)
  • Release Date: 30 January 2007
  • Initial Release to manufacturing: 8 November 2006
  • Final Release: 26 May 2009
  • Predecessor: Windows XP
  • Successor: Windows 7